Zygmunt Bauman

Zygmunt Bauman was one of the world's most distinguished and widely read social thinkers. His pioneering work on the Holocaust, the nature of 'liquid modernity', and the implications of consumer capitalism has been crucial in shaping our entire understanding of the way that societies and culture have developed in our contemporary world. The scope of his erudition and range of his writings, which have examined issues ranging from love, bureaucracy and religion to globalization and migration, have made his thought immensely influential in a whole range of disciplines, including sociology, politics, philosophy and cultural studies. Having fled Poland in the late 1960s due to an anti-Semitic purge, he worked at the University of Leeds from the 1970s and was Professor Emeritus of Sociology. He published many books with Polity, including Strangers at Our Door, Babel and Liquid Modernity. His forthcoming book with Polity is Retrotopia, a passionate and erudite analysis of how nostalgic yearnings for an undead past have replaced utopian dreams.