Polity blog posts highlight new and recent books published by us, often with the comments and views of the authors themselves.

By Gil Eyal

I grew up not far from the Mediterranean coast. As kids, going to the beach, we were warned by the adults about those hidden whirlpools that sometimes formed not far off the shore. We were told that if we happened to be swept into one of these, … Read More

By Shannon Sullivan

Once you start looking, you can hardly go a day without seeing white privilege. It often is there even when you don’t see it, but sometimes it jumps out at you. Just last week, for example, in the metro area of Charlotte, North Carolina, an acquaintance of … Read More

By Callum Cant

Capitalism isn’t just one static form of society. Instead, it is a system of social relations that constantly shapeshifts in the pursuit of profit – from cotton mills to car factories and call centres. 

These recompositions come about as a result of the contradictions between the two … Read More

by Graham Harman

“Formalism” is one of those words that arises frequently in a number of fields, though rarely with a clear or agreed-upon sense of what it means. Even so, formalism remains a negatively charged word in the visual arts, while in literary studies there have recently been tentative … Read More


By William J. Prior

Socrates is one of the most important individuals in Western civilization, but who was he? We know some facts about him: he was born about 469 BCE, he was a citizen of Athens who lived during her “Golden Age” and her defeat in the Peloponnesian War, … Read More

By Alison Harvey

Writing a text accounting for the changes in the media landscape since Liesbet van Zoonen set out her compelling and detailed overview of feminist media studies in 1994 was an inspiring and challenging task. New media forms, technologies, and culture are just the tip of the iceberg; … Read More


Rafael Grohmann’s interview with Deborah Lupton about her new book, Data Selves: More-than-Human Perspectives.

RG: What does data selves mean in a more-than-human perspective?

DL: A more-than-human perspective acknowledges that humans are always already part of nonhuman relations. Humans and nonhumans come together in assemblages that are constantly changing … Read More

By Roslyn Fuller I won’t lie – when I got the email from Polity asking me to write a book defending democracy, I was delighted. Yes, wedging writing an entire book into your life on a short timeframe means you don’t get a lot of sleep, but that’s a small… Read More
Is man naturally good? Why is he corrupt within civil society? And how can political art overcome this corruption? This book seeks to account for these aspects of Rousseau’s “system”. All his moral and political writings unfold from a few major intuitions drawn from his first feelings of injustice and… Read More
By Quassim Cassam How can you not be a conspiracy theorist? It is a fact that people sometimes conspire and history books are full of stories of conspiracies by politicians and others. If you believe these obvious truths, doesn’t that make you a conspiracy theorist? Not exactly. The conspiracy theories… Read More
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