Polity blog posts highlight new and recent books published by us, often with the comments and views of the authors themselves.

Collaboration happens all the time in many disciplines, but not in philosophy. There are many reasons for this, but our experience suggests that we philosophers should strive to overcome the structural and other barriers that inhibit jointly-written essays and books. The biggest payoff, we think, is that never has either… Read More

There are times when hackers – and hacking – seem to be everywhere. The last few weeks, for instance, have seen whistleblower Edward Snowden (once described by President Obama as a “29 year old hacker”) have his leave to remain in Russia extended, while the hacker collective Anonymous … Read More

Social work has become increasingly depersonalised in an era of managerialism and performance management, many aspects of what were once known as the ‘Personal Social Services’ having been lost. This book is a timely reminder for social workers and other professionals that the personal, the individual, should still be at … Read More

When the sun shone on the Womens’s March against Trump on 21st January it gave hope to the many who were there, and the many who weren’t, that the possibility of solidarity between women against various forms of misogyny was not just a memory. It was clearly an occasion of … Read More

Cities in Global Capitalism explores what is called here the city-capitalism nexus and its political, economic and cultural significance in times of advanced globalization. Today, cities are at the centre of debates over capitalist globalization and everyday life. The professional news outlets as well as the multitudinous social media are … Read More

How a controversial dam threatens rights of Canada’s indigenous Innu people

Protest sign at the Muskrat Falls site, June 12. Janet Cooper, Author provided

A controversial hydroelectric dam project in sub-Arctic Canada relies on local Innu people giving up their own lands. Nalcor Energy, the firm building two dams to … Read More

In 1969 Foucault published The Archaeology of Knowledge, a theoretical and methodological treatise which summarised the work he had been doing throughout the 1960s. Six years later he published Discipline and Punish, a politically-charged work of history. This period saw a major development in his work, in which… Read More

Platform Capitalism aims to undermine the self-aggrandising narratives of Silicon Valley, casting a critical eye onto the landscape of the leading capitalist firms. Here we find that – both in and out of the tech sector – firms have been adopting a new type of business model, premised upon bringing … Read More

Anti-globalization, global protest and anti-capitalism

The first edition of The Sociology of Globalization (2010) discussed anti-globalization movements since the 1980s. These are against capitalist or neoliberal globalization and for alternatives of human and labour rights, social justice, global equality, and democratic control. They’re anti-war, ecological and concerned about human health. … Read More

The Social Semiotics of Trump

So Trump won the US Presidential election, against most predictions. Why? And what forms of analysis could have done better?

Social semiotics for a complex world was designed to provide that better analysis for circumstances like this. It was written before Trump’s giddy rise, fall … Read More

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