Polity blog posts highlight new and recent books published by us, often with the comments and views of the authors themselves.

Concept development in a discipline like sociology is a process and any attempt to identify that discipline’s ‘essential concepts’ must necessarily be a snapshot taken at a specific moment in time. Creating that snapshot is pretty much what we have tried to do in this book. Of course, it means … Read More

Technology really is going to roil labor markets. Even if there’s a happy ending. And there may not be.

I sat through every one of the presidential debates last fall, and failed to hear a single word on what is certainly among the top three issues facing the nation, and … Read More

A couple of friends have kindly offered me a space to write something that helps introduce ‘Is Racism an Environmental Threat?’ (IRET?). Vijay Prashad’s Will The Flower Slip Through The Asphalt (LeftWord Books, 2017) has been one of such spaces. Olivia Rutazibwa’s blog Rethinking Francophone Africa is another. Polity Press … Read More

Health Communication is an integral part of health promotion and it is central to improving population and global health. Health Communication: Theoretical and Critical Perspectives is a unique book which provides a critical take on contemporary health communication efforts. The book fills a gap in the literature about critical perspectives … Read More

When Polity published Tony Giddens’ first edition of Sociology in 1989, no one envisaged another seven editions stretching well into the twenty-first century. The purpose of that original book was to outline and promote a general sociological approach to the study of social life (a ‘sociological imagination’) alongside a review … Read More

China and India are becoming increasingly influential, powerful and prominent countries – but what kind of countries do their leaders and people wish them to become?  Will they act and behave like major Western entities or like something altogether different, hence changing the very nature of international affairs?  And as… Read More
Rome is the white whale of history—as immense as it is elusive—and in chasing after it the historian will learn much more about himself or herself than about the beast itself. It is a subject that undoes modern history’s claims at objectivity, the scale of its past and its irreconcilability… Read More
Collaboration happens all the time in many disciplines, but not in philosophy. There are many reasons for this, but our experience suggests that we philosophers should strive to overcome the structural and other barriers that inhibit jointly-written essays and books. The biggest payoff, we think, is that never has either… Read More

There are times when hackers – and hacking – seem to be everywhere. The last few weeks, for instance, have seen whistleblower Edward Snowden (once described by President Obama as a “29 year old hacker”) have his leave to remain in Russia extended, while the hacker collective Anonymous … Read More

Social work has become increasingly depersonalised in an era of managerialism and performance management, many aspects of what were once known as the ‘Personal Social Services’ having been lost. This book is a timely reminder for social workers and other professionals that the personal, the individual, should still be at … Read More

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