Polity blog posts highlight new and recent books published by us, often with the comments and views of the authors themselves.

In the shadow of looming climate crisis and political failures to tackle climate change in the wake of the Paris climate agreement it might seem that there is not much hope around for a better, greener future. But visions of sustainable and satisfying societies have emerged in strange places over … Read More

Deepening interdependence, due in part to the success of the postwar order, has created structural gridlock in world politics and contributed to an anti-global backlash across the world. Beyond Gridlock shows how we can nonetheless work toward a fairer, safer, greener, and more prosperous world by finding pathways of change Read More

Daniel Miller is the author of The Comfort of People, a new book featuring the stories of hospice patients and their use of social media. Here he explains how the book took shape.

The primary topic of this book is the social universe of the hospice patient. Potentially this … Read More

I welcomed the opportunity to produce a second edition of A History of Childhood for Polity, given that it is now sixteen years since the original first appeared. The new edition retains the aim of writing a wide-ranging introduction to the history of childhood, going back to the early medieval… Read More
Intelligence – meaning collecting needed information, usually by secret methods and then analyzing thiscollection to determine its meaning – is both very well-known and very little understood. In the United States, at least, hardly a day goes by without some mention or discussion of intelligence in the media. So, at… Read More
In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid growth of “disruptive technologies” which inflicted unprecedented impact on social, economic and political systems. What started with mobile internet and nanotechnology is followed by 3D printing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other technologies that change human communication in unfamiliar ways.… Read More
Governments everywhere are suffering enormous pressures, but none is more fundamental than the erosion of citizens’ trust in the people they elect. Americans are convinced that the United States lies at the centre of the crisis of trust. And in fact, trust in government to do what is right has… Read More

Concept development in a discipline like sociology is a process and any attempt to identify that discipline’s ‘essential concepts’ must necessarily be a snapshot taken at a specific moment in time. Creating that snapshot is pretty much what we have tried to do in this book. Of course, it means … Read More

Technology really is going to roil labor markets. Even if there’s a happy ending. And there may not be.

I sat through every one of the presidential debates last fall, and failed to hear a single word on what is certainly among the top three issues facing the nation, and … Read More

A couple of friends have kindly offered me a space to write something that helps introduce ‘Is Racism an Environmental Threat?’ (IRET?). Vijay Prashad’s Will The Flower Slip Through The Asphalt (LeftWord Books, 2017) has been one of such spaces. Olivia Rutazibwa’s blog Rethinking Francophone Africa is another. Polity Press … Read More

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