Polity blog posts highlight new and recent books published by us, often with the comments and views of the authors themselves.

By Geoffrey K. Pullum When Polity Press suggested I do a book on linguistics for their “Why It Matters” series, I didn’t quite realize how difficult it would be. I’m used to explaining things within my academic subject, not explaining why there should be such a discipline in the first… Read More

The trouble with artificial intelligence research is that its aim is reproduce the brain not the person. But people aren’t brains. Some critics of artificial intelligence have argued that the body is crucial but this is too narrow a view. To reproduce human intelligence one must understand where human intelligence … Read More

By Salvatore Babones With Donald Trump in the White House, there’s a lot of talk about a new authoritarian streak in American politics. But whatever you may think of Donald Trump — and most people have strongly held views on America’s first pompadour President — he is anything but an… Read More

By Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider When we first started working on our book — Why Does Patriarchy Persist?— in the fall of 2015, our biggest concern was that people would look at us stony faced and confused, “patriarchy? Really?” As events would transpire, this fear turned out to… Read More

By Peter Gill and Mark Phythian

When we started working together the whole idea of ‘intelligence studies’ was very much in its infancy. In the US scandals involving the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) in the 1970s had kickstarted the serious study of how to govern intelligence with… Read More
By Fabian Wendt People regularly submit to authorities: They take the advice of experts, they do what their teachers and bosses tell them, and they follow the instructions of state officials. Is there something these different forms of authorities have in common? Generally, authorities have some sort of superior standingRead More
By Colin Farrelly  When I first decided to start writing Genetic Ethics: An Introduction (nearly five years ago), I wanted the book to accomplish two, inter-connected, goals- the first goal was practical, and the second goal was more theoretical. The practical goal was to help the reader confront… Read More
By Eric Mack Libertarianism seeks to convey the richness and depth of libertarian political philosophy. It does so both by offering illuminating critical accounts of philosophical defenses of basic libertarian principles – principles of individual freedom, property rights, voluntary cooperation, and radical limitations on state authority – and by exploring… Read More
By Janna Thompson ‘Why should present people have to take responsibility for the deeds of past generations?’ This was the response of the prime minister of my country to the demand for an apology for wrongs done to indigenous people and their forebears. The same doubt is expressed by citizens… Read More

If the open Internet is an essential precondition for democracy, should governments or corporations be allowed to restrict it? This is the question at the heart of my book ‘The Closing of the Net’ and it discusses the backdrop to the political controversies of today around such issues as fake … Read More

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