Global EthicsAn Introduction
Global Ethics
An Introduction
The field of global ethics draws on traditions of moral theory, mostly derived from western philosophy, in order to address moral problems specific to an increasingly globalised world. This book provides an accessible introduction to the field of global ethics for students of politics, international relations and globalisation. It offers an overview and assessment of key perspectives in global ethics and their implications for substantive moral issues in global politics. These issues include the morality of state and non-state violence, the obligations of rich to poor in a globalising world and the scope and nature of international human rights. The aim of the book is to help non-specialist students understand the assumptions underpinning different moral traditions and to enable them to make up their own minds about the best way of approaching moral judgment and prescription in a shared world, which is nevertheless marked by massive cultural differences and inequalities of power.
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  • May 2010
  • 176 pages
  • 148 x 224 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations.

Chapter One: What is Global Ethics?

Chapter Two: Rationalist Ethical Theories.

Chapter Three: Alternatives to Ethical Rationalism.

Chapter Four: Ethics of International Aid and Development.

Chapter Five: Global Distributive Justice.

Chapter Six: Ethics of War.

Chapter Seven: Ethics of Making and Sustaining Peace.

Chapter Eight: Global Ethics in a Glocal Context.


About the Author
Kimberley Hutchings is a Professor at the London School of Economics.
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"An indispensible resource for those who wish to learn (and teach) global ethics."
Political Studies Review

"An outstanding example of a textbook in international political and ethical theory. Hutchings' extraordinary scholarly analyses make this book a masterpiece."
Central European Journal of International and Security Studies

"Global Ethics guides students through the complex array of ethical dilemmas that constitute the modern international order. With clarity of prose and appreciation of the political and contextual nature of ethical debate, Hutchings provides an outstanding example of a textbook in international political and ethical theory. The practice based reflective exercises and annotated bibliographies make this an ideal teaching tool."
Anthony F Lang, University of St Andrews

"'With her new book, Kimberly Hutchings demonstrates clearly why she is the rarest of scholars: one whose work demonstrates both sophistication and intellectual rigor on one hand, and the utmost lucidity and accessibility on the other. Amongst a number of new texts and collections on global/international ethics in the last few years, Hutchings book will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd."
Fiona Robinson, Carleton University

"Kimberly Hutchings has written a very engaging and accessible introduction to the now growing field of global ethics. She covers both theoretical issues about the contested nature of global ethics and about how it relates to globalization, and the areas of global concern over humanitarian aid, global distributive justice and war and peace."
Nigel Dower, University of Aberdeen

"This book provides an excellent introduction to global ethics and the main theoretical issues involved. It is beyond a doubt the most comprehensive and clearly written introductory book on the subject that I have read."
Garrett Brown, University of Sheffield

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