Selected ExaggerationsConversations and Interviews 1993 - 2012
Selected Exaggerations
Conversations and Interviews 1993 - 2012

Peter Sloterdijk’s reputation as one of the most original thinkers of our time has grown steadily since the early 1980s. This volume of over thirty conversations and interviews spanning two decades illuminates the multiple interconnections of his life and work.

In these wide-ranging dialogues Sloterdijk gives his views on a variety of topics, from doping to doxa, design to dogma, media to mobility and the financial crisis to football. Here we encounter Sloterdijk from every angle: as he expounds his ideas on the philosophical tradition and the latest strands of contemporary thought, as he analyses the problems of our age and as he provides a new and startling perspective on everyday events. Through exaggeration, Sloterdijk draws our attention to crucial issues and controversies and makes us aware of their implications for society and the individual. Always eager to share his knowledge and erudition, he reveals himself equally at home in ancient Babylon, in the channels of the mass media and on the ethical and moral terrain of religion, education or genetic engineering.

Appealing both to the seasoned reader of Sloterdijk and to the curious newcomer, these dialogues offer fresh insight into the intellectual and political events of recent decades. They also give us glimpses of Sloterdijk’s own life story, from his early passionate love of reading and writing to his journeys in East and West, his commitment to Europe and his acceptance and enjoyment of the role of a public intellectual and philosopher in the twenty-first century. 

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  • May 2016
  • 350 pages
  • 160 x 237 mm / 6 x 9 in
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Table of Contents
  1. In Place of a Preface
  2. The Half-Moon Man
  3. Why are People Media?
  4. World Estrangement and Diagnosis of our Times
  5. Uterus on Wheels
  6. Fire your Shrink!
  7. Philosophical Retuning
  8. We?re Always Riding Down Maternity Drive
  9. Tackling the Unspoken Things in Culture
  10. On Wealth and Self-Respect
  11. Learning Is Joyful Anticipation of Oneself
  12. Postmen and Fallen Towers
  13. Raising our Heads: Pampering Spaces and Time Drifts
  14. Good Theory Doesn?t Complain
  15. There Are No Individuals
  16. Confused People Spread Confusion
  17. Germans Want to Be Compelled: Theory for the Year?s End
  18. Comparatists of Happiness
  19. Image and Perspective. An Experiment in Atmospheric Seeing
  20. On Progress. The Holy Fire of Dissatisfaction
  21. A Team of Hermaphrodites
  22. Under a Brighter Sky
  23. Making the Effort: The Reader
  24. Thus Spoke Sloterdijk
  25. Fathers Should Be Kept Away from Brothels and Pubs
  26. The Athletics of Dying
  27. Do Your Duty to Enjoy!
  28. Even a God Can?t Save Us
  29. A Plug for Higher Energies
  30. Mortgaging the Air: The Financial Crisis
  31. Is There a Way Out of the Crisis of Western Culture?
  32. Questions of Fate: A Novel About Thought
  33. Humans in Repetition / The 21st Century will be Acrobatic
  34. With the Babble of Babylon in the Background
  35. Editorial Note
  36. Appendix
About the Author

Peter Sloterdijk is Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics at the Karlsruhe School of Design and the author of many works, including You Must Change Your Life.

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