What is Philosophy of Religion?
What is Philosophy of Religion?
From the beginning of the history of ideas, philosophical reflection on matters of religion has played a vital role. What is the meaning of life, and how might religious faith or doubt impact such meaning? What is the evidence for the existence of God? Is evidence essential for religious faith? What is the relationship between science and religion? What is the relationship between religions? How can or should one assess virtues and vices, right and wrong, from a religious versus secular point of view?

In this beginner’s guide, Charles Taliaferro addresses the important questions involved in philosophy of religion, covering all the major contemporary topics. He challenges the often complacent, negative attitudes toward religion as merely superstitious or dangerous, arguing instead for a healthy pluralism and respect between persons of faith and secular inquirers.

What is Philosophy of Religion? takes a practical, question-based approach to the subject, inviting the reader to engage with this exciting topic in a down-to-earth way.
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  • December 2018 (pb)
    February 2019 (hb)
  • 160 pages
  • 138 x 216 mm / 5 x 9 in
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Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • 1. Philosophy of Religion and Science
  • 2. Philosophy of Religion and the Meaning of Life
  • 3. Divine Attributes
  • 4. Faith and Evidence
  • 5. Problems of Evil and Good
  • 6. Love and the Limits of the World
  • 7. Getting involved in Philosophy of Religion today
  • References
About the Author
Charles Taliaferro is Professor of Philosophy at St. Olaf College. He is the author or editor of over 25 books including several introductory ones, and author of the “Philosophy of Religion” entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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“Professor Taliaferro has produced a lively, profound, and lucid introduction to the philosophy of religion. It is a delight to read!”
Fiona Ellis, Heythrop College, University of London

“Any student considering whether to embark on the philosophy of religion will find a wealth of stimulus and guidance in this enthusiastic and engagingly written invitation to the subject.”
John Cottingham, University of Reading
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