The New AuthoritarianismTrump, Populism, and the Tyranny of Experts
The New Authoritarianism
Trump, Populism, and the Tyranny of Experts

The election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote in the UK have caused fear and panic among liberals worldwide. They argue that the populist backlash represents a dangerous new authoritarianism. But what if the really dangerous authoritarianism is in fact their own?

In this provocative and highly original book, Salvatore Babones argues that democracy has been undermined by a quiet but devastating power grab conducted by a class of liberal experts. They have advanced a global rights-based agenda which has tilted the balance away from the lively and vibrant unpredictability of democratic decision-making towards the creeping technocratic authority of liberal consensus. Populism represents, contends Babones, an imperfect but reinvigorating political flood that has the potential to sweep away decades of institutional detritus and rejuvenate democracy across the west.

Babones’s bracing attack on the insidious ‘new authoritarianism’ of the expert class and call for an end to liberal mission creep will stimulate and challenge all readers trying to make sense of the political tumult of the recent past.

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  • October 2018 (pb)
    September 2018 (hb)
  • 128 pages
  • 124 x 190 mm / 5 x 7 in
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Freedoms, Rights, and the Liberal Ideal

Chapter 2: The Rise of the New Authoritarians

Chapter 3: Liberal Authoritarianism in a Global World

Chapter 4: The Passion of Donald J. Trump

Chapter 5: The Populist Purgative

About the Author

Salvatore Babones is Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney.

Additional information about the book, as well as updates from the author, can be found here.

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"Babones’ critique of the liberal expert class brilliantly exposes their contempt for ordinary people. A crucial contribution to our understanding of how contemporary liberalism is increasingly illiberal and undemocratic."
Adrian Pabst, co-author of The Politics of Virtue: Post-liberalism and the Human Future

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