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Student Resources - Chapter 3

Internet Activity 3.1

News values

  1. With reference to Table 3.5 on pages 229-30 of the textbook, go to Sky News, BBC, ITN or newspaper websites, and take any one major news story and identify all the news values in Table 3.5 that make the story so newsworthy.
  1. If you are in a class, it may be worth dividing the major stories between you so you can cover different types of story (e.g. political news, war, disasters, etc.). Make a note of your findings, linking particular examples to particular news values, and present your findings to the rest of the group.

The following websites may be useful: - BBC News site - Sky News site - ITN news - Guardian newspaper - Times newspaper - the Sun newspaper - the Mirror newspaper

Multiple Choice Quiz 3

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Matching Exercise 3

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