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Student Resources - Chapter 5

Internet Activity 5.1

1. Go to and spend some time exploring any three issues that may be of concern to feminist writers, such as equality, women’s rights, health, domestic violence, housework, war, contraception etc. – the ‘Ask Amy’ button opens up a range of choices and questions you might find helpful to start. Make brief notes, explaining in each case why the issues you have identified might be of particular interest to feminist writers.

2. Either through or by searching or Google, look up “liberal feminism”, “radical feminism” and “Marxist” (or “socialist”) feminism and suggest how you think each perspective might view each of the issues you identified in question 1. The following table format may be useful:

  Description of the issue Why of interest to feminists Liberal Feminist view Radical Feminist view Marxist (or socialist) feminist view
Issue 1 e.g. cosmetic surgery        
Issue 2          
Issue 3          

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3. Report back to the rest of your group on the issues you identified and discuss the different approaches to them that might be held by the three feminist approaches identified above.

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