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Contemporary Conflict Resolution, 4th Edition

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Contemporary Conflict Resolution, 4th Edition

Welcome to the Web site for Contemporary Conflict Resolution, Fourth Edition by Oliver Ramsbotham, Tom Woodhouse and Hugh Miall. The Fourth Edition of this hugely popular text explains the key concepts, charts the development of the field, evaluates successes and failures, and assesses the main contemporary challenges. Comprehensively updated, the book identifies a new pattern of ‘transnational conflicts’ and argues for a response based on cosmopolitan conflict resolution.

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About the Authors

Oliver Ramsbotham is Emeritus Professor of Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford, UK, and President of the Conflict Research Society. Formerly he was Chair of the Oxford Research Group (ORG), and Head of the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford. He is series co-editor with Tom Woodhouse of the Routledge Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and on the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution.

Tom Woodhouse was a founding member of the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford. He was Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution, and served as Professor of Conflict Resolution (Adam Curle Chair) since 1999. He is currently Emeritus Professor at Bradford, and visiting associate professor at the universities of Ramon LLul, Barcelona, UOC Barcelona, and Chulalongkorn, Bangkok.

Hugh Miall is Emeritus Professor of International Relations at the University of Kent and Chair of the Conflict Research Society. Previously, he was Director of the Richardson Institute for Peace Studies and Reader in Peace and Conflict Research at Lancaster University. He was a Research Fellow in the European Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Research Director of the Oxford Research Group.

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