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Gender Catalogue 2015
Gender Catalogue 2015

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About Polity Gender Studies

Since its inception, Polity has been committed to publishing pioneering and innovative texts in gender studies and feminist theory. The objective has been twofold: to produce a distinctive list in these areas and to integrate a concern with gender and feminist insights into the list as a whole.

Among our many well known authors in this field are Catherine Malabou , Carole Pateman, Henrietta Moore, Anne Phillips, Catherine Hall, Michèle Barrett, Nancy Fraser, Seyla Benhabib, Raewyn Connell, Lois McNay, Lynne Segal, Susan Hekman, Judith Squires, Mary Lyndon Shanley, Donna Dickenson, Sylvia Walby, Rosalind Minsky, Anne Oakley, Jeffrey Weeks, Elizabeth Wright, Rosi Braidotti, Linda McDowell, Jill Steans, Lucy Bland, Lorna Doan, Nicole Ward Jouve, Janet Wolff, Hilary Rose and Leonore Davidoff.

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Major Textbooks

The Politics of the BodyPhipps: The Politics of the Body

"This is a brave and important book. Beautifully written, cogently argued and with vivid up-to-date examples, it shows how a neoliberal and neoconservative politics is rewriting our common sense about bodies. A must-read for students and scholars of gender, sociology and cultural studies."

Rosalind Gill, City University London


The body is a site of impassioned, fraught and complex debate in the West today. In this important and challenging new book, Alison Phipps makes sense of this varied terrain and constructs a political sociology of women's bodies around key debates: sexual violence, gender and Islam, sex work and motherhood.

Gender: In World Perspective, 3rd editionConnell and Pearse: Gender: In World Perspective, 3rd edition

The third edition of this influential and accessible book, co-written by one of the world's leading scholars in the field, includes a whole new chapter on ecofeminism, environmental justice and sustainability. It is engaged scholarship that moves from personal experience to global problems and offers a unique perspective on gender issues today.

Sexuality: A Psychosocial ManifestoJohnson: Sexuality: A Psychosocial Manifesto

Katherine Johnson argues for a psychosocial approach to sexuality. She produces an innovative, transdisciplinary perspective on sexual identities, subjectivities and politics that makes an original contribution to key debates ranging from identity politics and gay marriage, to mental health ‘risks' and queer youth suicide.

Gender and Global Justice Book CoverJaggar: Gender and Global Justice

Issues of global justice have received increasing attention in academic philosophy in recent years but the gendered dimensions of these issues are often overlooked or treated as peripheral. This groundbreaking collection by Alison Jaggar brings gender to the centre of philosophical debates about global justice.

Becoming SexualEgan: Becoming Sexual

"A very welcome contribution to the tradition that challenges our too-easy acceptance of the translation of social fear into social fact."
Times Higher Education


"In this persuasive and eye-opening volume, R. Danielle Egan dissects the dominant accounts of the sexualization of girls to reveal deep-seated class and race anxieties that say more about adults' condition than those of young girls. A must-read for anyone interested in youth today."

Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology and author of Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture

Gender, 2nd editionBradley: Gender, 2nd edition

In this new edition of her popular and highly lauded book, Harriet Bradley provides an introduction to the concept of gender and the different theoretical approaches which have developed within gender studies. This accessible book will be of interest across the social sciences, and anyone interested in contemporary relations between women and men.

Gender and SexualityRahman and Jackson : Gender and Sexuality

"The book offers a thorough overview both of long-standing debates around gender and sexuality, and of current issues. It nicely locates the debates within the sociological tradition, and this provides a distinctive, and valuable feature. Not the least of the merits of this book is its international focus, and it will prove invaluable for students exploring the diverse pattern of sexuality and gender in an age of globalization. The authors are at the cutting edge of their subject, and so is the book."

Jeffrey Weeks, author of Sexuality, Third Edition and Emeritus Professor of Sociology, London South Bank University


Gender and Popular CultureMilestone and Meyer : Gender and Popular Culture

"Gender and Popular Culture expertly ties together the last few decades of research on its title themes, then brings these up to date in an impressive, useful manner. Theoretically rich, it is particularly successful in offering original, smart analyses of recent popular cultural phenomena (from Mad Men through men's magazines). This engaging book should find a wide audience among students and teachers of gender studies, popular culture, and media."

Will Straw, McGill University

The Body in Society, 2nd editionHowson: The Body in Society, 2nd edition

This new edition of a lively and accessible introduction to the sociology of the body examines what certain aspects of our bodies reveal about the social organization of everyday life and how the body is crucial to the way we engage with the world and the people around us.

The Body in Society, 2nd editionGill: Gender and the Media

"Gender and the Media is a lively and stimulating read and works as an excellent introduction for students in the field of media and gender studies. It is also a grown-up book that moves beyond the current feminist preoccupation with ‘girls', to a renewed focus on ‘women' in their infinite variety. I strongly recommend it."

European Journal of Women's Studies

The Body in Society, 2nd editionThompson and Armato: Investigating Gender

"Investigating Gender makes great use of feminism and sociology, and should open students' minds. My students could certainly benefit from this book - I think they would read it and like it. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the book. Before I read Investigating Gender, I didn't think we needed another gender text. I was wrong."

Linda Treiber, Kennesaw State University

FemenFemen : Femen

Bare-breasted and crowned with flowers, perched on their high heels, Femen transform their bodies into instruments of political expression through slogans and drawings flaunted on their skins. Humour, drama, courage, and shock tactics are their weapons. This is their story.

Dispossession: The Performative in the PoliticalButler and Athanasiou: Dispossession: The Performative in the Political

"In a series of bite-sized conversations, Judith Butler and Athena Athanasiou explore the concept of dispossession and show its links to subjectivity, relationality, occupation, precarity, bio-politics and collective protest. As they push each other for clarification and introduce a range of examples, they jointly craft a new vision of what 'performative politics' might entail."

Vikki Bell, Goldsmiths, University of London

Anxiety: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XLacan (Miller (ed.)): Anxiety: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book X

"Despite the extraordinary range and reach of his work, anxiety is really Lacan's subject. In this book - which is among the most remarkable psychoanalytic and philosophical works of our time - Lacan shows us how much more there may be to say about this fundamental experience that paralyses speech and so immobilises people's lives."

Adam Phillips, psychoanalyst and writer

Reading Celebrity Gossip MagazinesMcDonnell: Reading Celebrity Gossip Magazines

Weekly gossip magazines epitomize the domination of American popular culture by celebrity-mania. But why are readers, especially young women, so attracted to them? Andrea McDonnell argues that, despite a trivial reputation, these magazines are an important site of engagement for their readers, shaping their relationships, ideas and values.

Gender, War, and ConflictSjoberg: Gender, War, and Conflict

"Laura Sjoberg has written a valuable, teachable, and up-to-the-minute gender-smart book about war. With its mix of gritty case studies and Big Questions, Gender, War, and Conflict offers lucky readers the tools to reassess mainstream International Relations' theories and to start fashioning explanations of their own."

Cynthia Enloe, Clark University

Why Love HurtsIllouz: Why Love Hurts

"In this bold and groundbreaking book Eva Illouz argues that there is something qualitatively new in the modern experience of romantic suffering. What is wrong, she argues, are not dysfunctional childhoods or insufficiently self-aware psyches, but rather the set of social and cultural tensions that have come to structure the modern self. Readers may not agree with all of Illouz's hypotheses, but none will fail to be provoked by them - and in so doing be forced to challenge their own assumptions about love and modern life itself."

Susan Neiman, Director of the Einstein Forum and author of Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grownup Idealists

Book CoverBruckner: Has Marriage for Love Failed?

In this brilliant and provocative book Pascal Bruckner argues that the old tension between love and marriage has not been resolved in favour of love, it has simply been displaced onto other levels. In the past, marriage was sacred, and love, if it existed at all, was a consequence of marriage; today, love is sacred and marriage is secondary.

Book CoverLloyd: Judith Butler

"For students and faculty struggling to understand Judith Butler, I strongly recommend this book. Lloyd proves to be a reliable guide who is not afraid to engage critically with Butler’s gender theory and politics."

Steven Seidman, University at Albany, SUNY