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Health Catalogue 2013
Health Catalogue 2013

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About Polity Health and Social Care

Building on our reputation for publishing high quality student textbooks, and cutting-edge work by leading authors, we are pleased to announce a major new list of titles in health and social care. These are suitable for use by students of nursing, midwifery, medicine and all the allied health professions.

Following in the Polity tradition, the books will not only present a critical approach, but will also provide exceptionally engaging introductions to the core themes in each area.

Major Textbooks

Book CoverWarwick-Booth et al : Contemporary Health Studies

Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction provides a lively and accessible introduction to the current issues and key debates in this area. It contains a strong, up-to-date, global, social-scientific focus examining the human experience of health particularly emphasizing its social, political and environmental dimensions.

Please visit the accompanying website at: www.politybooks.com/chs

Book CoverNettleton: Sociology of Health and Illness 3rd Edition

Sarah Nettleton’s book has become a cornerstone text, popular with students and academics alike for its rigorous and accessible overview of the field. Thoroughly revised and fully updated, the third edition will prove invaluable to anyone looking for a clear, engaging introduction to contemporary debates within the sociology of health and illness.

Book CoverDenny and Earle: Sociology for Nurses 2nd Edition

"This new edition continues to have an accessible style much needed by those students of health care new to sociology. The selected topics are tackled from a practitioner’s perspective, with questions at the end of each chapter to help explore and apply the material in more detail. A new chapter tackling the impact of globalization is welcomed. This is an ideal textbook for students of all branches of nursing and midwifery, particularly in the early years, or for those revisiting the underpinning disciplines supporting nursing practice. A relevant, enjoyable read supported by good references and recommendations for further reading."

Jane Alderton, University of Brighton

Please visit the accompanying website at: www.politybooks.com/sociologyfornurses

Book CoverFatchett: Social Policy for Nurses

"As nursing and the NHS go through turbulent times, this book gives us the social policy context to remind us where we have come from, and assess what the future might hold."

James Buchan, Queen Mary University

Book CoverHubley & Copeman: Practical Health Promotion 2nd edition

“Packed with examples, activities, definitions and explanations of terms, this second edition is a clear and helpful guide for those seeking to understand and engage in health promotion practice. Its approach is straightforward and level-headed, never losing sight of the fact that while often a complex and difficult enterprise, health promotion at its heart is about understanding and improving the lives of individuals, communities and populations.”

Peter Duncan, King's College London

Book CoverHammick, Freeth, Goodsman and Copperman: Being Interprofessional

Working interprofessionally is an essential part of successful twenty-first-century care provision. This engaging, easy-to-follow text highlights the need for collaboration between practitioners from all branches of health and social care: an indispensable guide to working better together that shows what being interprofessional really means.

Book CoverAlaszewski & Brown : Making Health Policy

"This introductory text offers a novel approach to health policy making, challenging the conception of policy as a rational process. Written in an accessible style it is essential reading for undergraduate students of health policy."

Jonathan Gabe, Royal Holloway, University of London

Book CoverBarnes and Mercer: Exploring Disability 2nd Edition

"If students and teachers want one resource to assist in their exploration of disability studies, then this is it. It’s up-to-date, comprehensive and coherent, outlining the key themes and issues in a readable way. No-one studying disability on an undergraduate, postgraduate or professional training course should be without it."

Mike Oliver, Emeritus Professor, University of Greenwich

Book CoverBlaxter: Health 2nd Edition

The second edition of Mildred Blaxter's highly respected book offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the key debates surrounding the concept of health today. It will be is an invaluable textbook for students of medicine and other health professions as well as those studying sociology, health sciences and health promotion.

Book CoverBusfield: Mental Illness

"The relabelling of human distress and eccentricity as mental disorder is one of the great social changes of our time. Joan Busfield provides a breathtakingly lucid and remarkably comprehensive analysis of the vast cross-disciplinary terrain of argument about mental disorder and the meaning of the enormous expansion in disorder diagnoses over the past half-century. Busfield brings not only her sociologist's accomplished eye but also her trained clinician's understanding and a deft wielding of conceptual distinctions to the multifaceted debates over the meaning and social impact of mental disorder."

Jerome C. Wakefield, Professor of Social Work and Psychiatry, New York University

Book Cover Barnes and Mercer: Disability

"This book is essential reading for all disability studies scholars. It is historically well-grounded and theoretically rigorous, carefully exploring theories of disability, impairment and the body. The nature of the social oppression experienced by disabled people is analysed, and disability is located in relation to gender, 'race' and social class. Like all good sociology, the book is highly accessible and an excellent read."

Sheila Riddell, University of Glasgow

polity health and social care

Book CoverFox : The Body

The medical and social sciences offer us many ways of understanding the human body and what it can do. From biology and psychology to sociology and philosophy, a range of disciplines supply us with a rich yet challenging picture. On the one hand, our bodies are fashioned from genes, cells and organs; on the other, they are the foundation for our identities, our interactions and lived experiences from childhood to old age.

Book CoverVenkatapurum: Health Justice

"Health Justice is a hugely important contribution to practical reason and to public policy. It presents an illuminating investigation of why the capability to be healthy is central to social justice, and identifies what can be done here and now to pursue that much neglected philosophical perspective."

Amartya Sen, Harvard University

Book CoverLeach: Child Care Today

"The renowned psychologist and child specialist Dr Penelope Leach has, after seven years of painstaking research, published a new work, Childcare Today. Its conclusions that good child-care won't damage children could mean a guilt-free return to work for many ex-yummy-mummies, and will come as a blessing to mothers already working."

The Times

Book CoverGreen: Understanding the Life Course

"Lorraine Green has produced an impressive and stimulating text. She rigorously shakes some of the lazy orthodoxies which can settle into our understandings of the human life course, yet the work remains accessible and relevant to both professionals and researchers who seek to understand this important domain."

Sue White, Professor of Social Work, Lancaster University

Book CoverCockerham: Social Causes of Health & Disease

“In this revised edition William Cockerham develops a strong and challenging case for the role of social factors in health and disease. Drawing on the latest and most important research, Social Causes of Health and Disease will stimulate debate and discussion in equal measure – essential reading for students and researchers alike.”

Michael Bury, Royal Holloway, University of London

Book CoverBendelow: Health, Emotion and the Body

Health, Emotion and the Body combines clarity of expression with careful scholarship and originality, making it appeal to students and scholars with a wide range of interests, including the sociology of health and illness, the body, and mental illness, as well as health psychology.

Book CoverG. Cockerham and W. Cockerham: Health and Globalization

This accessible book examines the multidimensional influence of globalization on human health and disease. Globalization has had numerous far-reaching impacts on health-related issues, both social and political, and as this book shows, continues to present both positive and negative implications for the state of human health.

Book Cover Elbe: Security and Global Health

"Every now and then a new book comes along that challenges us to think more deeply about an issue, to consider more carefully the choices we make and their impact. This book is just such a book. With this new work on the medicalization of security, Elbe has once again produced an insightful piece of work that will no doubt prove a reference point for policy-makers, academics, practitioners, and students, for years to come."

Adam Kamradt-Scott, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Book CoverDavies: Global Politics of Health

"Health is now a political issue on a global scale. Sara Davies' excellent book allows us to understand the tensions created by this development and is essential reading for students and scholars of International Relations."

Colin Innes, Director of Centre for Health and International Relations, Aberystwyth University

Book CoverSparks and Villagran: Patient and Provider Interaction

"The most thorough and compelling compilation and discussion of patient-provider interaction theory and research to date. Written in a manner that clearly explicates, yet similtaneously provides thought-provoking heurism. A rare volume that wonderfully serves as an advanced text and research resource."

Bryan B. Whaley, University of San Francisco

Book CoverPhillips: Care

"Phillips's book takes a fresh look at the much debated and researched concept of care. The author not only reviews current thinking on the subject and what has shaped that thinking but also provides some interesting new perspectives, illustrated through a range of real life situations and case studies. This is a very useful guide to a complex and much discussed topic. It will be an important resource for students and teachers who are looking for new ways forward on the subject of care."

Julia Johnson, Open University