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Inside the Brotherhood Inside the Brotherhood
Hazem Kandil

"By probing what it means to be a Muslim Brother, exploring how the Brotherhood organization is structured, and placing religion at the center of the movement's amorphous ideology, Hazim Kandil offers helpful new interpretations even when going over familiar ground. The resulting picture is not always flattering, but it helps shed light on the group's sometimes puzzling behavior."
Nathan Brown, George Washington University

The Wellness Syndrome The Wellness Syndrome
Carl Cederström and Andre Spicer

Welcome to the new age of 'biomorality', where feeling good has become indistinguishable from being good. In their energetic and eye-opening diagnosis, Cederström and Spicer show how this 'wellness obligation' has started to work against us, making us feel guilty and anxious. Along the way, we meet health freaks who go to extreme lengths to find the perfect diet, corporate athletes who start the day with a dance party, the self-trackers who monitor everything including their own toilet habits, and the unemployed and overweight who are demonised for their lack of self-control.

God is Beautiful: The Aesthetic Experience of the Quran God is Beautiful: The Aesthetic Experience of the Quran
Navid Kermani

"This outstanding work fills a major lacuna in both the study of the Quran as scripture and the wider study of Muslim faith, practice, and spirituality. It is an estimable scholarly and intellectual accomplishment that takes seriously the proximity of the aesthetic and the religious in human experience. It will be of significant interest to any student of Islam or the general history of religion."
William Graham, Harvard University

The Most Sublime Hysteric: Hegel with Lacan The Most Sublime Hysteric: Hegel with Lacan
Slavoj Žižek

"The Most Sublime Hysteric clearly outlines the logic at the basis of the thought of the most important philosopher of our time. With care and precision, Žižek conjoins Hegel and Lacan, building the components of his own unique and powerful philosophical system. This long-awaited translation of Žižek's doctoral dissertation provides a valuable new point of entry to his work, appropriate for experts and newcomers alike."
Jodi Dean, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

"Written with his characteristic wit and exceptional lucidity, this book will clarify the foundational ideas of one of the greatest thinkers of our time."
Kenneth Reinhard, University of California, Los Angeles

Carl Schmitt: A Biography Carl Schmitt: A Biography
Reinhard Mehring

"Reinhard Mehring offers the English speaking world the first comprehensive intellectual biography of the highly controversial legal and political theorist, Carl Schmitt. Based on extensive archival research and a vast amount of unpublished material, Mehring identifies the psychological and emotional motivations that drove the intellectual endeavors of the notorious philosopher of "the political" and "the state of exception." Mehring demonstrates conclusively how Schmitt's struggles with, among other issues, his sexual desire and his obsession with the Jews, generated some of the most important, influential and dangerous political writings of the twentieth century."
John P. McCormick, University of Chicago

"Mehring has used Schmitt's only recently available diaries and calendar entries to lay bare the obsessions of this brilliant thinker -- often referred to as the Hobbes of the 20th century.  Especially revealing are his struggles to shatter "the Jew in him," which led him to aspire to become Hitler's "pope" – with all that that implied."
George Schwab, President, National Committee on American Foreign Policy

Pipeline: Letters from Prison Pipeline: Letters from Prison
Antonio Negri

Published here for the first time, these letters offer a unique and invaluable insight into the factors that shaped the thinking of one of the most influential political theorists of our time and they document Negri's role in the development of political movements like Autonomia. They are a vivid testimony to one man's journey through the political upheavals and intellectual traditions of the late 20th century, in the course of which he produced a body of work that has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on radical thought and politics around the world.

Coffee Coffee
Gavin Fridell

"Your morning cup of coffee will never smell the same after reading this book. Henceforth the scent of exploitation, colonialism and environmental destruction will follow it everywhere. Offering a richly grounded critical and historical analysis, Gavin Fridell lays bare the web of myths surrounding this 'quintessential global commodity.' Coffee will be essential reading for those interested in the political economy of land, food and the realities of 'fair trade' – and indispensable for those concerned about social justice today."
David McNally, York University, Toronto

"Gavin Fridell's insightful, well argued and up-to-date analysis of the world coffee economy demonstrates that the state's role in coffee statecraft continues to be essential to creating a more just division of the earnings in the world of coffee. As well as providing a thorough guide to the economics and politics of one of the world's most important commodities, this book will spark much needed debate about the nature of neoliberalism and market-based solutions to economic and social problems."
Steven Topik, University of California Irvine


A Stranger in My Own Country: Prison Diary, 1944 A Stranger in My Own Country: Prison Diary, 1944
Hans Fallada

"This long-awaited publication will greatly increase our knowledge of an author whose reputation has never been completely eclipsed in Germany, and who is now being rediscovered in Britain, the USA, France, and Italy. All these countries have recently published his last, posthumously published novel [Alone in Berlin], thus demonstrating his rare ability to attract the common and the literary reader alike."
Modern Language Review

White Magic: The Age of Paper White Magic: The Age of Paper
Lothar Müller

"This is an absorbing history of paper, fascinating in its detail and magisterial in its scope. Müller writes with the authority of a scholar and the imagination of a poet, filling his book with curious but essential facts and astute perceptions. It is a delight to read."
Jeremy Adler, King's College London

Israel Since the Six-Day War: Tears of Joy, Tears 

of Sorrow Israel Since the Six-Day War: Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow
Leslie Stein

"This account of Israel in war and peace during these difficult times is exceptional. Professor Stein treats Israel's successes and its failures with equal care, and brings massive evidence to support his judgments."
David Pryce-Jones, former senior editor of National Review, former literary editor of the Financial Times and of the Spectator and author of The Closed Circle

"A historically tense book. Leslie Stein's narrative is intricate and also clearheaded."
Martin Peretz, former long-standing editor-in-chief of The New Republic

"Beautifully written, informative and authoritative, this book is a little treasure that ought to be read by all those interested in Israel and the Middle East."
Ahron Bregman, King's College London

"With a deep understanding of the issues at hand, Stein has produced the most up to date general survey of Israel's contemporary history with the added bonus that it is written in a fluent and pleasing style."
Raphael Israeli, Professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

The Inner Enemies of Democracy The Inner Enemies of Democracy
Tzvetan Todorov

"Now, of all times, there is a need for cool heads, such as Todorov, who approaches the limits of free speech with admirable dexterity."
The New York Review of Books

Europe Entrapped Europe Entrapped
Claus Offe

"This is a strangely heart-warming book. While Claus Offe analyses the weaknesses and failures of European integration with ruthless precision, he also reminds us powerfully of the values of the European ideal, and shows how we could come closer to realising them - if only political leaders had the will and tenacity to do so. In the current climate of Europhobia, this is the nearest thing to realistic optimism that we are likely to get."
Colin Crouch, University of Warwick

Saving the Market from Capitalism: Ideas for an Alternative 

Finance Saving the Market from Capitalism: Ideas for an Alternative Finance
Massimo Amato and Luca Fantacci

"This is a serious analysis of how and why the financial markets as they are currently organized prevent genuine market transactions and therefore harm the economy. In this distinctive and important new book, the authors argue that getting the markets right is the most important issue facing us at present."
Colin Crouch, University of Warwick

"In a compelling sequel to their acclaimed The End of Finance, Amato and Fantacci insist that finance is currently a wholly destructive and illegitimate force. However, unlike other radical critiques, they maintain that it should play a vital role in the modern economy. They have provided a compelling and lucid account of how this might be achieved at global, national and local levels."
Geoffrey Ingham, University of Cambridge