For each of the seven chapters in both books you can find the materials listed below. These materials are for teacher use only and so are password protected.

  1. Lesson plans with downloadable handouts, where appropriate.
  2. Worksheets for students to complete.
  3. Answer sheets: You'll find all the answers to activities in the textbook, and answers to the Matching Exercises.

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All the handouts and worksheets also appear on the student side of the site so that you can set these as homework, or refer students directly to the site without having to print out instructions or handouts.

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Whether you're first getting to grips with sociology, writing or researching an essay or coursework, or revising for exams, you'll find something here to help you. These materials have been written to support your studying and help you make the most of using Sociology for AQA Volume 1 and Sociology for AQA Volume 2. You'll find:

Click on any of the links above to go straight to the materials for each of the chapters in the book. You can also look at these materials organized by chapter by clicking here: Chapter Overviews