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Media, Cultural and Communication Studies Catalogue 2015
Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Catalogue 2015

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About Polity Media and Communication Studies

Polity has a strong and fast-expanding list in the field of media and communication studies. We publish many of the key scholars in the field and our list has earned a reputation for innovative, path-breaking publications. We also have a strong list of textbooks in media and communication studies which are adopted at colleges and universities around the world.

Our authors include some of the key social and cultural theorists whose works have contributed to the discipline of media and communication studies, including Theodor W. Adorno, Jean Baudrillard, Pierre Bourdieu, Jacques Derrida, Jürgen Habermas, Paul Virilio and Slavoj ˇi˛ek. We have also published some of the leading scholars of the media, including Nancy Baym, David Buckingham, Robert Entman, Elihu Katz, Douglas Kellner, Sonia Livingstone, Geert Lovink, Niklas Luhmann, Armand Mattelart, Maxwell McCombs, Joshua Meyrowitz, John Durham Peters, Mark Poster, Michael Schudson, Roger Silverstone, John B. Thompson and Janet Wasko.

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Major Textbooks

Book CoverRobertson: Media and Politics in a Globalizing World

Globalization and technological advances have had a dramatic impact on the media-politics relationship and how it is understood. This book adopts a comparative approach to the study of these relations, and provides fresh insight into our media landscape. It argues that it is not possible to understand politics without understanding the global media.

Book CoverLonghurst & Bogdanović: Popular Music & Society, 3rd edition

"This third edition by Longhurst and Bogdanović offers a comprehensive updated sociological analysis of the field of popular music which incorporates media and cultural studies into its frame. It reflects backward and telegraphs forward the key theories, approaches, analysis and criticisms that abound in the field. It is both accessible and scholarly and will be a key resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in sociology, and media and cultural studies."

Helen Thomas, University of the Arts London

Book CoverEntwistle: The Fashioned Body, 2nd edition

The Fashioned Body provides a wide-ranging and original overview of fashion and dress from an historical and sociological perspective. With a new preface and new material on the evolving fashion industry, this second edition gives a clear summary of the theories surrounding the role and function of fashion in modern society.

Book CoverSmith: Presidential Campaign Communication, 2nd edition

"The second edition of Presidential Campaign Communication offers a complete rearrangement and updating of content. As the next election approaches, it is definitely a book I would use in any course focused on the U.S. presidency. Students loved the first edition. They will like this one even more."

Martin Medhurst, Baylor University

Book CoverWaisbord (ed.): Media Sociology

Where is sociology in contemporary media studies? How do sociological issues shape media analysis? These questions are addressed in this timely collection on media sociology. With original contributions from leading scholars, Media Sociology: a reappraisal examines the significance of sociology for the multi-faceted study of media.

Book CoverLobato & Thomas: The Informal Media Economy

How are e-book pirates changing the publishing industry? What role does organised crime play in the global movie business? How do 'jailbroken' iPhones drive innovation? This book sets out to answer these and other questions by bringing media studies into dialogue with a wider body of critical research on informal, or off-the-books, economies.

Book CoverAthique: Digital Media and Society

"Adrian Athique's introduction brings digital media, and its culture, politics and economics, into sharp focus. This book provides an essential outline of the digital world; it is accessible to all while remaining complex enough to be accurate."

Tim Jordan, King's College London

The rise of digital media has been widely regarded as transforming the nature of our social experience in the 21st century. As an entry level pathway for students in sociology, media, communications and cultural studies, the aim of this work is to situate the rise of the digital media within the context of a complex and rapidly changing world.

Book CoverCooren: Organizational Discourse

"For students of language, communication, and organizations, François Cooren has written a terrific introduction to organizational discourse analysis. His review of six discourse approaches is bolstered by his extensive research in the field and his goal to help readers understand the organizing potential of language. This organizing potential is key to knowing how organizations are communicatively constituted. The writing in this book is clear, accessible, and inviting. I highly recommend it!"

Gail Fairhurst, University of Cincinnati

Book CoverDeery: Reality TV

Reality TV has changed television and changed reality, even if we are not among the millions who watch. This study encompasses the evolution of reality television, its production of reflexive selves and ordinary celebrity, its advertising and commercialization, and its spearheading of new relations between television and social media.

Book CoverWalker Rettberg: Blogging 2nd edition

"A landmark in social cyberspace studies – and much more than that. It's about the way today's popular culture is actually part of large-scale change in the way culture is produced. Jill Walker Rettberg has written a deep and broad book about the real meaning of blogging as evidence for and a driver of an epochal cultural shift. She deftly uses her own experience as a renowned blogger, examined through the expert eye of an experienced communication researcher, to reveal the psychological, social, political and historical meaning of the blogging phenomenon. She brings media studies, ethnology, literary studies, marketing, journalism and sociology together into a brilliant explanatory framework."

Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs

Book CoverWikström: The Music Industry 2nd edition

In this engaging text, Patrik Wikström illuminates the workings of the music industry, and captures the dynamics at work in the production of musical culture between the transnational media conglomerates, the independent music companies and the public.

Book CoverFrith: Smartphones as Locative Media

Smartphone adoption has surpassed 50% of the population in more than 15 countries. Many of these applications take advantage of smartphones as locative media, which is what allows smartphones to be located in physical space. This raises important questions about how we understand the complicated relationship between the Internet and physical space.

Book CoverMcCombs: Setting the Agenda 2nd edition

"This second edition of Setting the Agenda continues the exploration and elaboration of the original concept of media agenda setting into a complex and useful theory of the relationships of media, public and policy agendas. It is a comprehensive and readable overview of hundreds of studies on this subject. Beautifully written and clearly organized, it is the definitive work on agenda setting by one of the founders of this branch of empirical research."

David H. Weaver, Indiana University

Book CoverCouldry: Media, Society, World

"Media, Society, World is comprehensive and current in its coverage--of research, of real-world examples, and larger pressing questions about new media. The book is empirically and theoretically informed, and surveys both the academic research and historical developments in media in a single work. It is Castells-like in its range and ambition."

John Durham Peters, University of Iowa

Drawing on Couldry's fifteen years of work on media and social theory, this book explores how questions of power and ritual, capital and social order, and the conduct of political struggle, professional competition, and everyday life, are all transformed by today's complex combinations of traditional and 'new' media.

Book CoverHepp: Cultures of Mediatization

"For those unfamiliar with the concept of mediatization, Andreas Hepp opens up some stimulating new directions for media studies. For those already working with the concept, Hepp's integrative theoretical analysis plus refreshing questioning will prove equally stimulating."

Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics and Political Science

Book CoverDavis: Promotional Cultures

Promotional Cultures documents how the professions and practices of promotion have interacted with and reshaped so much in our world. This engaging book looks at the rise of advertising, public relations, branding, marketing and lobbying, and explores where our promotional times have taken us.

Book CoverVolkmer: The Global Public Sphere

This brilliant and provocative book conceptualizes a new global public sphere through the use of insightful case studies. It is a key contribution to the resurgent debate about publics and of particular interest to scholars of media and communication studies, and social and political theory.

Polity Book Series

Digital Media and Society

New technologies are fundamentally altering the ways in which we communicate. This series from Polity aims to provide a set of books that make available for a broad readership cutting-edge research and thinking on digital media and their social contexts. Taken as a whole, the series will examine questions about the impact of network technology and digital media on society in all its facets, including economics, culture and politics.


Theory and Media

This new series aims to make a wide range of theory relevant and accessible for students of media and communication studies. Each volume draws on a rich body of literature and will consider instances in which theorists have directly discussed media and communication.

Contemporary Political Communication

Theory Now

Global Media and Communication

Key Themes in Organizational Communication

Key Concepts in Journalism

Key Themes in Family Communication

Health Communication

Short Introductions

A major series of innovative and lively short introductions to the main areas of the social sciences and humanities. For information on individual volumes please go to the series webpage: www.politybooks.com/shortintroductions.

Key Contemporary Thinkers

New and published titles of particular interest to media and communication students and lecturers are listed below. Please check other subject pages for further titles in this series.


Key Concepts

Key Concepts is a series of concise and accessible textbooks exploring core concepts in the social sciences. The books focus on concepts that are central to each discipline and have a high degree of complexity surrounding them. For more information on individual titles please see the series webpage: www.politybooks.com/keyconcepts.