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Politics Catalogue 2014
Politics Catalogue 2014

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About Polity Politics

Polity is one of the world's leading publishers in politics, political theory and international relations. We publish many of the key scholars in these fields and our list has earned a reputation for innovative, cutting-edge publications. We also have a strong list of textbooks in politics which are widely adopted at colleges and universities around the world.

Our authors include internationally renowned political theorists and political scientists such as Brian Barry, Zygmunt Bauman, Ulrich Beck, David Beetham, Norberto Bobbio, Ken Booth, Barry Buzan, Alex Callinicos, Raewyn Connell, Mark Duffield, Richard Falk, Andrew Gamble, Anthony Giddens, John Gray, Jürgen Habermas, Colin Hay, David Held, Axel Honneth, G. John Ikenberry, Bob Jessop, Mary Kaldor, John Keane, Andrew Linklater, Charles Mills, David Miller, Tariq Modood, Antonio Negri, Claus Offe, Carole Pateman, Anne Phillips, Thomas Pogge, Carl Schmitt, Quentin Skinner and Tzvetan Todorov.

We also publish books by leading political figures and commentators such as Jeremy Rifkin, Susan George and Stephen Farrell, which make a significant contribution to current political debate.

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Major Textbooks

Book CoverShapiro: China's Environmental Challenges

"An exemplary introduction not only to China's ecological crisis, but also to the analytic tools that might help us to understand and approach it constructively."

China Dialogue

Book CoverRamsbotham, Woodhouse and Miall: Contemporary Conflict Resolution 3rd Edition

"This new third edition confirms the stellar place of this book on the bookshelf of every scholar and practitioner in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive overview of the history of the field and its current methodologies, as well as entirely new chapters dedicated to the most pertinent issues of today, including the environment, gender, religion and the media. A must read - a hugely important resource for us all."

Mari Fitduff, Brandeis University

Please also see the accompanying Contemporary Conflict Resolution website, which contains sample chapters, author information, and more.

Book CoverHopper: Understanding Development

"Finally an introductory text that provides in-depth critical analysis of the concepts and practice of development without closing the possibilities of emancipatory change. Understanding Development delivers on the promise of an issue driven text that engages students in contemporary cases without forgoing solid historical and theoretical rigour."

Duncan McDuie-Ra, University of New South Wales

Book CoverHeld: Handbook of Transnational Governance

"A comprehensive starting-point for understanding the complex array of organizations, associations, and networks engaged in contemporary transnational governance. It shows us much about what we know and don't know - particularly about the impact of these novel arrangements. This volume can help to set the agenda for a new generation of scholarship on the politics of complex interdependence."

Robert O. Keohane, Princeton University

Book CoverPigman: Contemporary Diplomacy

"Contemporary diplomacy is being handled by larger numbers of people dealing with a larger number of issues than ever before. Its methods and its structures are evolving, sometimes creakily, to match. This book gives the first complete account of where and why these changes are occurring and it is simply essential reading for all who study diplomacy and its place in 21st-century global governance."

Richard Langhorne, Rutgers University

Book CoverWeiss: What’s Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix It 3rd Edition

"By any standard, this is a work of unusual ambition, scope, and insight. Only Tom Weiss, one of the UN’s most prolific and experienced observers, could so adroitly capture the world body’s perils and promise with such a winning combination of clarity, rigor, and wisdom."

Edward C. Luck, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General

Book CoverDowty: Israel / Palestine 3rd Edition

"Alan Dowty’s book now receives pride of place at the top of my list of concise, illuminating histories of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict to recommend. This will be a leading contender to be the textbook of choice in basic courses on the conflict."

Middle East Journal

Book CoverYoude: Global Health Governance

"In an era of increasing integration, the challenge of governing global health could not be more pressing. Scholars and policy analysts alike require a clear framework for understanding the complex web of actors and interests in this arena. Jeremy Youde's Global Health Governance offers a critical resource for making sense of past, present, and future developments."

Evan S. Lieberman, Princeton University

Book CoverCohn: Women and Wars

"Too often, women remain invisible in times of war. With contributions from scholars, activists, and policymakers, Women and Wars uncovers stories about women’s multiple roles as warriors, war victims, and peacebuilders. An important text for anyone concerned with the tragic consequences of today’s wars. And a reminder that wars are always gendered."

J. Ann Tickner, School of International Relations, University of Southern California

Book CoverGuelke: Politics in Deeply Divided Societies

"A distinguished expert in deeply divided societies, Guelke skilfully unpacks the challenges facing societies divided by ethnicity, religion, and race and tackles the critical dilemmas encountered by those seeking to design durable conflict-mitigating institutions. The Politics in Deeply Divided Societies will stimulate current scholarship and nurture the next generation of students."

Neophytos G. Loizides, University of Kent

Book CoverSmith: Power in the Changing Global Order: The US, Russia and China

"This book offers an in-depth analysis of the social dimension of power, and the important costs to states if they neglect it. The latter is a lesson that the Bush administration could have learned and one which many Middle Eastern governments are learning in the wake of the Arab Spring. Changes in the perceived legitimacy of power can have major effects even if material and coercive abilities remain the same."

Mark L. Haas, Duquesne University

Book CoverMilton-Edwards: Contemporary Politics in the Middle East 3rd Edition

"I welcome the new edition of this comprehensive guide to the politics of such an important region of the world. It combines sensible generalizations with useful case studies of particularly important subjects. It is a must for all those who want to understand the complex politics of the modern Middle East."

Roger Owen, Harvard University

Book CoverHeld: Cosmopolitanism

"David Held formulates a robust cosmopolitanism and imaginatively applies it to the great faults of our international order: its lack of effective environmental-protection, peacekeeping, and global-finance regimes. The pragmatic reforms he envisions would undoubtedly make our world more democratic and just."

Thomas Pogge, Yale University

Book CoverHeld: The Cosmopolitanism Reader

"If you want to understand cosmopolitanism - and you should - this volume is the place to go. Brown and Held have brought together the most important contributions to understanding (and assessing) cosmopolitanism as a philosophical ideal, a political project, and a practical program. It is a great collection on an important topic."

Joshua Cohen, Stanford University

Book CoverCordell and Wolff: Ethnic Conflict

"This very readable and passionate analysis of ethnic conflict, its sources and management in the post-Cold War world represents a significant and valuable contribution to the literature on the study of politics and ethnicity."

Adrian Guelke, Queen’s University of Belfast

Book CoverHutchings: Global Ethics

"Global Ethics guides students through the complex array of ethical dilemmas that constitute the modern international order. With clarity of prose and appreciation of the political and contextual nature of ethical debate, Hutchings provides an outstanding example of a textbook in international political and ethical theory. The practice based reflective exercises and annotated bibliographies make this an ideal teaching tool."

Anthony F Lang, University of St Andrews

Book CoverCarmody: The New Scramble for Africa

"Essential to observers of Africa's politics and international relations."

Global Journal

Book CoverJones: Globalization Key Thinkers

"This book offers a rather unique and original means of understanding the different perspectives on globalization. It cuts through jargon and presents in a clear fashion the arguments of the key thinkers."

Stephen D. Morris, University of South Alabama

Book CoverHeld: Models of Democracy 3rd Edition

'The great global struggles today are not over democracy versus other forms of government but over the meanings and practices of democracy themselves. There is no better critical and engaged survey of the complex histories and contemporary struggles over this deeply contested concept than David Held's third and improved edition of Models of Democracy , precisely because it is written in awareness of its own contestability."

James Tully, University of Victoria

Visit the exceptionally supportive Models of Democracy website

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Book CoverMcCann: The Political Economy of the European Union

"Dermot McCann has succeeded in producing a superb book on the political economy of the European Union. This rigorous and extremely readable account makes a major contribution to our understanding of the tension between economic governance at the European level and national patterns of governance that often challenge the EU's liberal ambitions"

Alasdair Blair, De Montfort University

Book CoverDavies Global Politics of Health

"Davies' book is an informative, comprehensive and deep examination of the relationship between politics and health."

Jillian Clare-Kohler, University of Toronto

Book CoverViotti: American Foreign Policy

"With its focus on the policymaker, Paul Viotti’s new book is both engaging and distinctive; this approach gives students a sense of the range of policy options to consider in particular cases and it allows those familiar with IR theory to make connections between those theories and policymaking."

Daniel G Lang, Lynchburg College

Book CoverSwift, Political Philosophy 2nd Edition

"A triumph of a book that illuminates the last two decades of politics and points the way to the next…How does philosophy affect politics? Through books like this."

James Purnell, MP

Book CoverKing: African American Politics

"African American Politics is likely to be a very useful volume for students and for general readers seeking a context for understanding the Obama election and contemporary racial politics. The book elegantly melds mainstream political science ideas and topics with innovative themes, a sophisticated historical consciousness, and continued demonstration of the ways in which African American politics is, and is not, American politics tout court."

Jennifer L. Hochschild, Harvard University


Politics Book Series

Hot Spots in Global Politics

These concise books offer authoritative overviews of conflicts in some of the world’s most notorious political ‘hot spots’. Written for a broad audience of students and general readers, they provide invaluable introductions to key regional and sub-regional conflict zones.

War and Conflict in the Modern World

This ground-breaking series provides intellectually rigorous introductions to core topics in War and Conflict Studies, drawing on a wide range of modern examples. Written by internationally renowned scholars, the books will aim to provide new empirical and/or analytical insight and make a clear contribution to public debate.

Dimensions of Security

Polity’s Dimensions of Security series explores key aspects of contemporary international security. These accessible books will be indispensable reading for undergraduate students in international politics and security studies. Lively but intellectually rigorous, these volumes draw on a range of contemporary examples and contextualize their subjects within the broader security landscape.

Key Contemporary Thinkers

This series makes available to a wide audience the ideas of some of the most influential thinkers of our time. Cutting across the boundaries between academic disciplines and between different traditions of thought, the series addresses European as well as Anglo-American thinkers. The books are written in a clear and concise way, making them suitable for students and for the interested general reader.

New and published titles of particular interest to politics students and lecturers are listed below. Please check other subject pages for further titles in this series.

Key Concepts

Key Concepts is a series of concise and accessible textbooks exploring core concepts in the social sciences. The books focus on concepts that are central to each discipline and have a high degree of complexity surrounding them. For more information on individual titles please see the series webpage: www.polity.co.uk/keyconcepts.

Polity Short Introductions

A major new series of innovative and lively short introductions to the main areas of the social sciences and humanities. For information on individual volumes please go to the series webpage: www.polity.co.uk/shortintroductions.

Themes for the 21st Century

This ground-breaking series sets a new agenda for debates in the social sciences and humanities. Each volume in the series sheds light on a particular issue or theme shaping social, political, economic, and cultural life in the new millennium. Written by internationally renowned scholars who are leaders in their field, books in this series provide original and accessible overviews of some of the most important topics of our age.


We live in a world of diminishing resources. Demand for many fuels and minerals far exceeds supply and the global battles to access and control these resources are intensifying. In this exciting new series leading international experts explore the geopolitics of key natural resources. From oil to water, timber to coltan, these provocative and illuminating books offer big-picture analyses of the complex power struggles at play and their implications for the future of these vital global resources.

US Minority Politics

Polity’s new minority politics series provides lively and wide-ranging student introductions to African American, Asian American and Latino participation in US political life.