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Security Studies Catalogue 2014Security Studies Catalogue 2014

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Security Studies

Polity is one of the world's leading publishers in security studies, politics and international relations. We publish many of the key scholars in the field and our list has earned a reputation for innovative, cutting-edge publications. We also have a strong list of textbooks in politics which are widely adopted at colleges and universities around the world.

Our authors include internationally renowned scholars and analysts in security studies such as Thomas Weiss, Paul Rogers, Paul Diehl, Mary Kaldor, Alan Dowty, John Ikenberry, Tzvetan Todorov, Dennis Sandole, Barry Buzan, Martin Shaw, John Dryzek and Robert E. Goodin.

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Major Textbooks

Book CoverRamsbotham, Woodhouse and Miall: Contemporary Conflict Resolution 3rd Edition

"This new third edition confirms the stellar place of this book on the bookshelf of every scholar and practitioner in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive overview of the history of the field and its current methodologies, as well as entirely new chapters dedicated to the most pertinent issues of today, including the environment, gender, religion and the media. A must read - a hugely important resource for us all."

Mari Fitduff, Brandeis University

Please also see the accompanying Contemporary Conflict Resolution website, which contains sample chapters, author information, and more.

Book CoverBellamy and Williams: Understanding Peacekeeping 2nd Edition

"The first edition was a real gem, strong on the each of conceptual, theoretical, and case study dimensions. If anything, this new edition is even better. New chapters on gender and privatization, among others, ensure that the book remains cutting edge."

Paul F. Diehl, University of Illinois

Book CoverSandole: Peacebuilding

"Sandole rightly shows why and how the international community must implement long-term, holistic peacebuilding plans to successfully build robust and sustainable peace in areas threatened or torn apart by war and conflict. An outstanding and innovative book."

Henryk J. Sokalski, Former Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations

Book CoverWeiss: Humanitarian Intervention 2nd Edition

"Quite simply, the best short account of the notion of humanitarian intervention currently available."

British Journal of Sociology

Book CoverGuelke: Politics in Deeply Divided Societies

"A distinguished expert in deeply divided societies, Guelke skilfully unpacks the challenges facing societies divided by ethnicity, religion, and race and tackles the critical dilemmas encountered by those seeking to design durable conflict-mitigating institutions. Politics in Deeply Divided Societies will stimulate current scholarship and nurture the next generation of students."

Neophytos G. Loizides, University of Kent

Book CoverDiehl & Greig: International Mediation

"Greig and Diehl have produced a concise, coherent and systematic book on mediation in international and civil conflicts. They do a marvellous job of summarizing contemporary literature, bringing together various themes and inferences on mediation in a way that is not only comprehensive but accessible, and they quite adroitly mix results from systematic data analysis with case histories that resonate in the public domain. This is the type of book that those of us who teach courses on conflict management have been looking for."

Patrick Regan, University of Birmingham

Book CoverMcDonald: Food Security

"In this crisply written, insightful book, McDonald brings our notions of security up to date by demonstrating how current global food systems undermine the world's ability to provide sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for everyone. Timely, sophisticated, and necessary, Food Security explains how this leaves all of us more vulnerable and offers important ideas for what to do about it."

Paul Wapner, American University

Book CoverLeatherman: Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict

"Leatherman not only reframes our concept of war, but of politics in general. She offers innovative insights in her explorations of legal accountability and social responsibility, of prevention and healing for sexual violence. A must-read book: courageous, groundbreaking, riveting, essential."

Carolyn Nordstrom, University of Notre Dame

Book CoverAndrew Hoskins and Ben O’Loughlin: War and Media

"The most singular feature of Hoskins and O'Loughlin's' achievement in their comprehensive sweep of scholarship in this multi-disciplinary field of war and media is its critical assessment of existing paradigms and theories, and the development of new ones. The work represents an important and ground-breaking milestone in the development of this relatively new specialism about one of the oldest and most important spheres of human experience."

Joseph Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Bowling Green State University

Book CoverKaldor: New and Old Wars 3rd Edition

"A timely and important book. Putting the so-called revolution in military affairs firmly to one side, Mary Kaldor has provided us with a window into the future of war."

Martin van Creveld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Book CoverDannreuther: International Security

"Roland Dannreuther provides a sensitive and analytically strong account of the intellectual dilemmas faced by security studies in the new environment of threat in the post-Cold War era. This book delivers an impressive tour d'horizon of the array of new and challenging issues faced by both academics and practitioners in the area of security and a balanced account of the continuing debates within the subdiscipline."

S. Neil MacFarlane, University of Oxford

Book CoverGill and Phythian: Intelligence in an Insecure World 2nd Edition

"Gill and Phythian have done it again: produced a comprehensive, readable, nicely illustrated, and thought-provoking examination of national security intelligence in today's uncertain and dangerous world. Want to know all about espionage, covert action, and counterintelligence? Here's an excellent place to begin."

Loch K. Johnson, University of Georgia

Book CoverDetraz: International Security and Gender

"International Security and Gender is a complex and critical overview of the field of gender and security, which familiarizes readers with the field in a fair and even-handed manner and provides forward-looking challenges to the field's research agendas."

Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida

Book CoverShibuya: Demobilizing Irregular Forces

"This book examines in fascinating detail a neglected aspect of post-conflict peacebuilding: how to disarm, demobilize, and reintegrate armed groups back into civil society. Eric Shibuya makes a valuable contribution to the literature of unconventional conflict that should be the subject of discussion for years to come."

Tom Mockaitis, DePaul University


Polity Book Series

Hot Spots in Global Politics

These concise books offer authoritative overviews of conflicts in some of the world’s most notorious political ‘hot spots’. Written for a broad audience of students and general readers, they provide invaluable introductions to key regional and sub-regional conflict zones.

War and Conflict in the Modern World

This ground-breaking series provides intellectually rigorous introductions to core topics in War and Conflict Studies, drawing on a wide range of modern examples. Written by internationally renowned scholars, the books will aim to provide new empirical and/or analytical insight and make a clear contribution to public debate.

Dimensions of Security

Polity’s Dimensions of Security series explores key aspects of contemporary international security. These accessible books will be indispensable reading for undergraduate students in international politics and security studies. Lively but intellectually rigorous, these volumes draw on a range of contemporary examples and contextualize their subjects within the broader security landscape.


We live in a world of diminishing resources. Demand for many fuels and minerals far exceeds supply and the global battles to access and control these resources are intensifying. In this exciting new series leading international experts explore the geopolitics of key natural resources. From oil to water, timber to coltan, these provocative and illuminating books offer big-picture analyses of the complex power struggles at play and their implications for the future of these vital global resources.