Polityblogger on Ellis Cashmore’s latest book Martin Scorsese’s America

 “In this country, it doesn’t add inches to your dick to get a life sentence” Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) in The Departed

America is a country where success is measured by how long you have to wait in line to get served. The shorter the wait, the more successful … Read More

Professor Oliver Leaman on the new second edition of his classic text

When I was asked to prepare a second edition of my Brief Introduction to Islamic Philosophy I wondered what needed to be added to the existing text. When I looked at the book again it seemed strange that although I emphasized that Islamic philosophy is a living part of world … Read More

Professor Molly Rothenberg on her new book The Excessive Subject

On the Edge

Edged in:  I decided to write this book when it became clear to me that a new theory of the social subject, with some powerful advantages for social change theory, had become sequestered within a small area in the academy simply because it was associated with … Read More