John Brewer on the need for a sociological approach to peace processes

Over fifty people were killed in the Johannesburg area in 2009. This seems unsurprising given that it considered the murder capital of the world. The fifty or so people to whom I refer, however, are different: they were economic migrants from neighbouring states, drawn to South Africa by its status … Read More

Luke Martell on Globalization after Copenhagen and the Financial Crisis

The Sociology of Globalization discusses dimensions of globalization from media and identity to migration and social movements, from history to theories. It also argues that environment, economics and politics are things that any sociologist who aspires to understand society needs to pay attention to. These dimensions affect society. They are … Read More

Is Freedom of Search a Human Right?

Last week, Google, the company behind the world’s most popular search engine, announced that it is considering pulling out of China after discovering that the Gmail accounts of campaigners for human rights in China had been attacked [Google statement here:]. Google said only two accounts had actually been … Read More

Patrik Wikström on ‘The Music Industry’

More than ten years have passed since Shawn Fanning and friends released the file-sharing software “Napster” to the world and thereby kick-started one of the most radical transformations of the multinational music industry.

Today, young music listeners no longer put on a CD then they party and it is actually … Read More

Togo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Failed Peace Processes

Football is a global sport. It is watched by millions across the world and on every continent. The African Nations Cup has assumed even more significance as the global mobility of players brings many African players to the Premier League to be cheered from English terraces and become part of … Read More

Migration – problem or solution?

Luke Martell (Reader in Sociology at the University of Sussex) explores one of the factors involved in globalization and offers some alternative ways of viewing global migration.

The current financial crisis and the Copenhagen summit on climate change have recently drawn increased attention to global interdependency. The anti-government uprisings in … Read More