Jane Fuller on the new revised Ed. of Davies & Green’s Global Financial Regulation

With all the hand-wringing that goes on over financial regulation, you would think that books on the subject would be two a penny. Surprisingly, they are not. So, Howard Davies’s and David Green’s book, Global Financial Regulation, remains an essential guide.

This is despite the fact that, as they … Read More

Richard Lachmann on States and Power.

Financial crisis, environmental crisis and terrorism are all taken as signs of the weakness and increasingly irrelevancy of states. Capital, ecological disasters and terrorisms seemingly cross borders with impunity. In fact, citizenship remains one of the most important determinants of someone’s life chances. Stand at the U.S.-Mexican border, at the … Read More

Molefi Kete Asante on Philosopher Maulana Karenga

Maulana Karenga is an important American cultural philosopher and one of the leading proponents of the cultural reconstruction thesis for African Americans. His key writings, based upon his studies of African cultural and philosophical history, treat the classical bases for re-interpreting the social behavior of people whose cultures have been … Read More

How liberal are the new citizenship tests in Europe?

When one considers that citizenship tests in the United States are old hat, it’s astonishing that their recent introduction in Europe has raised such controversy, and that there is doubt about their ‘liberal’ credentials. How liberal are the new citizenship tests? (You can see the British version, ‘Life in the … Read More

Empathy: The Real Invisible Hand of the Market Place By Jeremy Rifkin

The anemic global economic recovery is beginning to stall. Unemployment is shooting up again. The housing market is threatened by a new wave of foreclosures. Tens of millions of Americans are teetering on the edge of survival. Public surveys show that people on Main Street are fast loosing trust in … Read More

New edition of ‘Sociology: Introductory Readings’

The 3rd edition of Anthony Giddens and Philip W. Sutton’s Sociology: Introductory Readings is now available from Polity.

Arranged in 10 broad thematic sections, each with thoughtful editorial introductions, the volume includes classic and contemporary readings, from Weber and Durkheim, to new sociological thinking about climate change, virtual communities, and war and … Read More