Publicity, privacy and the personal lives of politicians in media-saturated democracies

Is media coverage of politics becoming more focused on the private lives of politicians across democracies?

It is often remarked that the personal lives of politicians, like those of sports, film and television stars and host of other celebrities, have become a familiar part of the public’s daily media consumption. … Read More

Is there a global freshwater crisis?

Drought, floods, contaminated streams and depleted groundwater supplies … daily headlines draw our attention to these and other water problems. Are they isolated incidents or symptoms of a global crisis? I contend that they are inter-connected threats to our livelihoods and welfare.

What links them is the concept of sustainability: … Read More

Feeding our imagination: Reflections on the media diet

We tend to think of imagination as something private, a personal creative faculty of the mind that is unique to us.

But our capacity to imagine isn’t produced as some kind of spontaneous generation. Imagination must be nourished, as Luc Boltanski says.

Who feeds our imagination in the modern age? … Read More

Feminists Successful in Changing Antiquated Rape Law

Each chapter in Investigating Gender addresses the social construction of gender through social definitions and social policy, while also offering alternative definitions that are consistent with a feminist social justice approach. In Chapter 9, we focus on rape and how the narrow definition of “forcible” rape (requiring women to have … Read More

Global Sexual & Gender Identity Rights

As noted throughout Investigating Gender,gender and sexuality are intersecting and important systems of inequality globally. Publication of the first United Nations report on the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people gives Investigating Gender readers an opportunity to assess “Discriminatory laws and practices and acts of … Read More