Communities and networks: Using social network analysis to rethink community and urban studies

We have lived in communities as long as we have been human, but do we really understand how communities work and what they do? Technological changes, especially the growth of the internet, have led researchers to reevaluate many of our assumptions about the nature of community and communal life – … Read More

Our emerging digital society

Over the last two decades, our general view of mass communication in modern society has been extensively reconfigured by the ‘new media’ applications stemming from the rollout of digital technologies. In so many different ways, digital media have come to be seen as the definitive technology of our times. The … Read More

New Year; New Start?

You may be reading this having, like me, had a week or so of excess.  Apparently the average person consumes 6000 calories on Christmas Day alone and the average weight gain over the festive period is five pounds (or 2 kilos).  It is for reasons like this, and the tradition … Read More