Keeping up to date with Sociology

Question: how do you summarise and present the emergence, development and contemporary shape of a diverse discipline like sociology in a single textbook? Answer: with great difficulty, a ruthless selection process and 1130 pages.

The bare facts are that the latest edition of Polity’s Sociologyhas 23 chapters covering the … Read More

Should journalism strive for objectivity?

Early in the first season of HBO’s The Newsroom, a series set around a prime-time cable newscast, ‘News Night’, a dramatic declaration initiates a major ‘arc’ of the program.

The executive producer, MacKenzie McHale, outlines a new editorial concept for the program: ‘News Night 2.0’:

‘This is a new … Read More

The core concepts of transnationalization

Increasing interconnections between nation-states across borders have made the transnational perspective a key tool for understanding our world.

Transnational Migration provides an accessible yet rigorous overview of cross-border migration from a transnational perspective, as experienced by family and kinship groups, networks of entrepreneurs, diasporas, and immigrant associations – and as … Read More