Creative Industries in China: Art, Design, Media

Creative Industries in China is drawn from my research over the past decade on how Chinese policy makers, artists, designers and media practitioners are attempting to change a widespread perception that China is an uncreative nation. The ‘world factory’ portrayal is an uncomfortable reminder for many of economic dominance which … Read More

Is Freedom of Search a Human Right?

First posted 22nd January 2010

Last week, Google, the company behind the world’s most popular search engine, announced that it is considering pulling out of China after discovering that the Gmail accounts of campaigners for human rights in China had been attacked [Google statement here:]. Google said only

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How liberal are the new citizenship tests in Europe?

First posted 11th February 2010

When one considers that citizenship tests in the United States are old hat, it’s astonishing that their recent introduction in Europe has raised such controversy, and that there is doubt about their ‘liberal’ credentials. How liberal are the new citizenship tests? (You can see the

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A New Dawn for Social Policy after the Economic Crash?

First posted 1st March 2010

For Bill Jordan (University of Plymouth), a leading scholar  of social policy, the findings of the recent inquiry into standards at Stafford Hospital – described as ‘one of the worst NHS scandals in history’ – offer confirmation of what’s wrong with social policy

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