Still Dreaming of a United States of Europe?

Suddenly, it appears, the future of Europe, specifically the European Union, is back at the centre of the region’s politics, just in time for elections to the European Parliament in May. One reason for this is undoubtedly Russia’s effective annexation of Crimea, achieved during protests in Ukraine triggered by President … Read More

Climate policymaking in the developing world

The mantle of climate leadership is shifting to developing and emerging economies. In the past, if one wanted to find the best examples of ambitious climate policymaking, they would have looked to states such as Denmark, Finland or the United Kingdom. China, Brazil, South Korea and Ethiopia would not have … Read More

Where are the radicals?

 Growing numbers of activist and advocacy organizations are embracing the world’s biggest corporations as allies.

Oxfam has partnered with Marks & Spencer, Nokia, and KPMG; the Human Rights Campaign has partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, and American Airlines; the WWF has a worldwide partnership with Coca-Cola worth over US$20 million … Read More