I Learned How to Apply a Feminist Sociological Imagination to My Daily Life

Investigating Gender author Martha Thompson recently had the opportunity to discuss introductory gender classes and teaching with Emily Ruehs who teaches a Gender and Society course at the University of Illinois Chicago. Deciding what topics to cover – and more importantly how to cover them – in any introductory class … Read More

Philosophical Beauty and the Black Forest Beast – Heidegger and the Media

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) was not someone you would like to have around for dinner and might seem to some an unlikely subject for a book about media. For David Gunkel and I, the striking mismatch that exists between Heidegger’s intellectual status and contemporary profile provoked us into
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Good Immigrant-Bad Immigrant: the Politics of Race and Immigration in America

In the heated immigration debates of the contemporary U.S., the theme of race is seemingly absent.  As with other aspects of public policy since the late 1960s, a “color-blind” approach in which overt considerations of race are unacceptable has attained normative status on immigration issues as well, evident in the
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