The Search for the True Feminist Subject

I started writing feminist theory several decades ago. Although I have dealt with many different topics – method, psychoanalysis, epistemology – everything I wrote eventually came down to the subject. I have been, in a sense, circling around this topic since the beginning. So I decided, finally, to make it … Read More

Sweet Poison; the Politics of Health Governance

Obesity is forever being discussed by the media, reported increases in obesity rates are frequently featured in the news and there are many documentaries that discuss the ‘problem’. Those individuals who are obese often experience stigma (see chapter 4), and are blamed for their individual choices which many see as
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The Referendum on Scottish Independence: #IndyRef and the fallout thereof

Whilst the long-awaited referendum on independence for Scotland gave rise to a number of trending hashtags on Twitter (most notably #IndyRefand and #ScotDecides), it is likely that the issues emerging in the wake of the decisive ‘No’ vote will prove of most interest in the weeks and months

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