Natural gas, three revolutions, and a pandemic

By Michael J. Bradshaw and Tim Boersma

Our book on Natural Gas was in the final stages of production just as the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming clear. We were able to include a short postscript presenting our initial thoughts on its impact on natural gas markets. Now, … Read More

The End of Multi-Racial Democracy

By Richard Johnson

Many Americans take for granted that the history of their country’s development follows a linear progression of expanding rights towards a ‘more perfect Union’. Each generation, it is assumed, will be better off, more inclusive, and more tolerant than the one before it. Daron Acemoglu and James … Read More

Digital Life

By Tim Markham

Whether it’s fake news or the states of distraction and anxiety associated with excessive time spent glued to screens, many are concerned that the sheer pervasiveness of digital media in our everyday lives is undermining politics, well-being and even what it means to be authentically human. But … Read More

We are all existentialists now

By Kevin Aho

If we thought “the existentialist” was a moribund relic of mid-twentieth century France who, in a black sweater, black pants, and a cigarette, populated the cafes of the boulevard St. Germain in Paris, then the coronavirus has shattered this caricature. Amidst the pandemic, we are all existentialists … Read More