Q&A with Ruth Milkman, on her recent book Immigrant Labor and the New Precariat

“Careful historical research…this new book is a vital corrective to the conservative claim that immigrants ‘take jobs’ from American workers.”
–Hon. Pramila Jayapal, U.S. House of Representatives

In her timely and provocative new book Immigrant Labor and the New Precariat, sociologist Ruth Milkman argues that mass immigration is the effect, … Read More

Imagining a Socialist Approach to Migration

By Hannah Cross

By spring 2020, the coronavirus pandemic had led to the sudden recognition that a diverse body of precarious and underpaid workers on the ‘frontline’ is essential. Nearly three-quarters of undocumented immigrant workers in the US, an estimated five million people, are doing jobs ‘essential to the Read More

Biden Must Navigate Between Complexity and Chaos in the Middle East

By Ariel I. Ahram

The Biden administration confronts a Middle East where chaos reigns, both in  popular imagination and in policy discussions. President Trump repeatedly described the Middle East as suffering “absolute chaos.” The UAE Foreign Minister opined that “perpetual resistance and sectarian extremism have delivered a deadly and decades … Read More