23 Aug

A world of new perspectives

Posted By Politybooks

raewyn-connellA world out of control?  A world of ruthless elites, environmental disaster, reborn patriarchy, and growing gaps between rich and poor?  A world where the alternatives are riot, terrorism, or futile protest?  Our world, right?

If that is NOT to be our world – if we want real democracy in rich countries as well as poor – we need new strategies of social change, and knowledge to base them on.  Confronting Equality shows how social science provides knowledge and ideas vital for democratic politics.   Its chapters discuss men’s role in achieving gender equality, the social impact of neoliberalism, the new politics of teaching, key theorists of global society, and more.

Social science matters.  Reliable knowledge matters.   Much social research is presented in conservative, dependent, or depressing ways.  But social science can be a site of excitement and insight, and a way of opening new perspectives on the world.

Raewyn Connell is university professor at the University of Sydney and the author of numerous books, including Confronting Equality, Gender, and Southern Theory.