15 May

Alain Badiou

Posted By Politybooks

Alain Badiou’s provocative thought has made him the most widely-read and controversial French philosopher in the world. Informed throughout his career by Althusserian Marxism and Lacanian psychoanalysis, Badiou has authored both important works of technical philosophy, most famously Being and Event, as well as numerous works outlining his commitment to radical communism, the revival of which is one of his most prominent intellectual projects. Badiou has underpinned his perspective with an innovative understanding of mathematics, particularly set theory, which has led him to the influential formulations of concepts such as ‘the event’ and ‘the subject’ that underpin his radical politics. Badiou is currently Emeritus Professor in Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure, Paris, and has published over twenty books with Polity, including most recently I Know There Are So Many Of You, The True Life and Black.