17 Aug

Angela McRobbie

Posted By Politybooks

Angela McRobbie is one of the most prominent voices in contemporary cultural theory and her work on the intersection between the media, ideology and gender continues to attract considerable attention. Currently Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London, she was part of the Birmingham School of Cultural Studies associated with Stuart Hall and Richard Hoggart. Her writings have consistently threaded together a sharp theoretical edge with subtle empirical research into the warp and weft of our everyday cultural experience. Much of her work has focused on the gender and power dynamics implicit in popular culture, including influential early analyses of children’s magazines and rock music, and examinations of the role of changing cultural stereotypes in shaping media representations of femininity. Recently, she has focused on the politics of creativity present in the ‘new culture industries’, such as fashion, a theme examined in her Polity book Be Creative.