17 Aug

Anne Phillips

Posted By Politybooks

Anne Phillips is a leading gender and political theorist whose work has intertwined a cutting-edge feminist perspective with an expert grasp of contemporary political debates. Currently Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science at the LSE, in her early work she wrestled with questions of feminist theory, colonialism, Marxism and economics, themes which have continued to resonate throughout her writings. Her consistent emphasis has been on showing how perspectives emphasizing the importance of gender, class and race in understanding the dynamics of social inequality can be synthesized in a radical way that challenges both essentialism and liberal theories of ‘neutrality’ and ‘objectivity’; difference, she argues, can neither be wished away nor be reduced to simplifying narratives of unification. This perspective has been at the heart of her work on democracy, multiculturalism and gender. Polity has published many of her books, including Engendering Democracy, Gender and Culture and Which Equalities Matter?