17 Aug

Barbie Zelizer

Posted By Politybooks

Barbie Zelizer is one of the most insightful and original scholars of journalism writing today. Originally a journalist herself, and now the Raymond Williams Professor of Communication and the Director of the Scholars Program in Culture and Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, she served as the president of the International Communication Association in 2009–10. Her writings have traced the media’s role in shaping our collective memory of events such as John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the Holocaust, as well as analysing the conceptual and disciplinary boundaries of the study of the media, challenging conventional scholarly ideas about journalism. Her recent work has sought to provide a vision of why journalism matters and how it could adapt to and engage better with the ever-changing technological and cultural landscape of the twenty-first century. These issues are examined in her Polity book What Journalism Could Be.