01 Aug

David Buckingham

Posted By Politybooks

No-one has done more to further our understanding of the impact of electronic media upon children and young people, and the pivotal role of education in the 21st century digital media landscape, than David Buckingham.

Now Emeritus Professor of Media and Communications at Loughborough University, he has trod a careful line between overblown accounts of the utopian possibilities of the digital era and pessimism about the supposed ‘corruption of childhood’. Rather, he has provided a sober perspective on how children can constructively relate to a world of ever-shifting media technology, ranging from his earlier work on television to his more recent studies of youth participation and culture in the internet age. His books with Polity include After the Death of Childhood (2000) and Beyond Technology (2007).

It is this distinguished career of thinking about the nature of contemporary media education that informs his most recent Polity book, The Media Education Manifesto.