17 Aug

David Miller

Posted By Politybooks

David Miller is among the world’s most distinguished political theorists, whose work on justice, citizenship and nationalism has been in equal measures influential, challenging and controversial. After stints at the Universities of Lancaster and East Anglia, in 1979 he became Professor of Political Theory at Oxford and a fellow at Nuffield College, where he remains. His early work constructed a theory of pluralist social justice and examined the viability of market socialism. Integrating the empirical insights of the social sciences with his theoretical perspective, his recent work has moved on to themes of migration and nationalism, strongly arguing that sustaining the social solidarity required to underpin support for the welfare state and social justice requires a sense of common identity based upon the nation-state, a viewpoint which challenges popular academic theories of cosmopolitanism and implies the need for limits to migration. Polity has published his important book Citizenship and National Identity.