17 Aug

David Theo Goldberg

Posted By Politybooks

David Theo Goldberg is a world-renowned social and political theorist who has gained widespread plaudits for his innovative work on critical race theory. Professor of Comparative Literature in the
School of Humanities at the University of California, Irvine, Goldberg has attempted to provide a genealogy of contemporary racism. His central project, influenced by his experiences of living in Apartheid South Africa, has been to illustrate how modernity’s self-conscious attempt to pursue equality and liberty through a commitment to ‘colour blindness’ in fact paradoxically underpins discourses of race and racism by privatizing the realm of prejudice and discrimination. He has fearlessly tackled contemporary assumptions that we have entered a ‘postracial age’, and furnished contemporary scholars with a powerful conceptual apparatus, including his notions of the ‘racial state’ and ‘racial militarization’. Polity has published two important books by Goldberg: Sites of Race (with Susan Searls Giroux) and Are We All Postracial Yet?