17 Aug

G. John Ikenberry

Posted By Politybooks

G. John Ikenberry is a world-leading theorist of international relations and US foreign policy expert. Currently Professor of Politics and International Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, he is particularly known for his far-reaching critique of US policy under the George W. Bush administration and the hubris of what he termed the neoconservatives’ ‘neoimperialist grand strategy’. He argued that the USA had neither the resources nor the ability to make such a flawed project work, and he put forward an alternative vision based around the contention that the USA would be better advised to re-build and lead a stable regime of international liberal order based around multilateral institutions and the rule of law. He has subsequently refined this viewpoint and historically traced the rise of American-led global stability after the Second World War. He published Liberal Order and Imperial Ambition with Polity.