17 Aug

Geert Lovink

Posted By Politybooks

Geert Lovink is a world-leading media theorist whose work represents the cutting edge of contemporary critical internet culture. Currently Professor of Media Theory at the European Graduate School, he is also the founder-director of the Institute of Network Cultures, an organization set up to nurture and document activism seeking to harness the potential of new media for furthering progressive socio-economic change. As well as pioneering a series of collaborative web-based projects designed to demonstrate the subversive potential of digital media, he has been conducting a long-running investigation into critical internet culture which has analysed the cultural, social and political consequences of phenomena ranging from Google and Facebook to Bitcoin and crowdfunding, emphasizing the need for media practitioners and theorists to shape the digital frameworks that are becoming integral to our social life and economic existence. He has published Networks with a Cause and Social Media Abyss with Polity.