15 May

Giorgio Agamben

Posted By Politybooks

Giorgio Agamben’s distinctive and influential work has made him a leading voice in contemporary radical philosophy. He has threaded together an immense breadth of scholarship on subjects ranging from Jewish and Christian sacred texts to the history of Greek and Roman law with a theoretical perspective informed by Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault and Carl Schmitt in order to probe fundamental problems of politics, ethics and aesthetics. His writings on the nature of language and metaphysics informed a pioneering account of power, sovereignty and law in the contemporary world, culminating in his magnum opus Homer Sacer. Agamben’s innovative reformulations of concepts such as the state of exception and biopower have thereby become enormously influential in the Anglophone world. He worked in Italy for many years, and is now Baruch Spinoza Chair and Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School. In 2011 Polity published his important book The Sacrament of Language.