17 Aug

Graham Harman

Posted By Politybooks

Graham Harman is an American philosopher who has emerged in the past two decades as a leading figure in the Speculative Realist movement. Currently Distinguished University Professor at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, Harman is famous for his development of ‘Object-Oriented Ontology’, a viewpoint which has challenged two common metaphysical outlooks: one that anthropocentrically privileges the perspective of humans in relation to non-human objects, and another that assumes that human beings can only have access to the correlation between thinking and being (‘correlationism’). Instead, inspired by Heidegger’s conception of ‘tool-being’, he has sought to put objects at the centre of metaphysics, arguing in favour of a ‘flat ontology’ that sees everything, from supersonic jets and square circles to the Tooth Fairy and Napeolon III, as equally an ‘object’, equally inexhaustible and independent. This is a perspective he develops in his Polity book Immaterialism. His other Polity books include Art and Objects and Speculative Realism.