15 May

Jacques Derrida

Posted By Politybooks

Jacques Derrida is one of the most important, influential and controversial philosophers of the late twentieth century. The father of deconstruction and a leading figure in the poststructuralist movement, which fundamentally revolutionized the humanities and social sciences in the 1980s, Derrida’s work has had far-reaching implications for fields ranging from literary studies and philosophy to law, linguistics, religion and political theory. A French Algerian who held numerous prestigious academic positions throughout Europe and the US, his work on language, ontology and epistemology, and his development of concepts such as différance and deconstruction, challenged the entire western philosophical tradition and transformed our understanding of the relation between text, author and context. Polity has published several works by Derrida on subjects such as religion and television, as well as Benoît Peeters’ outstanding intellectual biography.