17 Aug

Jean-Claude Kaufmann

Posted By Politybooks

Jean-Claude Kaufmann is one of France’s most original sociologists, whose cutting-edge work on relationships, intimacy and the self has offered witty and profound insights into contemporary Western society. A professor of Sociology at University of Paris V, he has carved out a niche for himself as perhaps Europe’s premier exponent of the ‘micro-analysis’ of interpersonal relationships and everyday life, which he uses to draw out wider conclusions about the social constructions and schemes of perception that structure our relationships and cultural identities. He has combined this with an innovative methodological approach which has utilized email interviewing and analyses of the letters pages of popular magazines. This approach has yielded a series of brilliant studies of subjects ranging from relationship ‘gripes’ to cooking and online dating. Polity has published many of these works, including Love Online, Gripes, The Meaning of Cooking and The Single Woman and the Fairytale Prince.