17 Aug

Jeremy Rifkin

Posted By Politybooks

Jeremy Rifkin is a leading American thinker famous for his ambitious assessments of the impact of scientific and technological changes on society and the environment. His varied career has encompassed a pioneering study of the implications of automation for the future of work, a passionate argument for a new economic order underpinned by the use of hydrogen power, and an important book contending that European values of sustainability, multilateralism and quality of life would eclipse the American obsession with economic growth. More recently, there has been wide discussion both of his work on the centrality of empathy to forging a new human consciousness fit for the era of globalization and digital technology and of his concept of a ‘Third Industrial Revolution’. His bold insights have led both the EU and China to enlist him as a policy adviser. He has published numerous important books with Polity, including The Hydrogen Economy, The European Dream and The Empathic Civilization.