17 Aug

John Forrester

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John Forrester was one of the greatest scholars of psychoanalysis of his generation, whose work deftly probed the historical, philosophical and scientific significance of the Freudian legacy. He was associated for many years with the University of Cambridge, latterly as Professor in the Department of History of Philosophy of Science. His early work focused on the role played by linguistics in the development of Freud’s thought, and in the 1970s he began to engage extensively with the work of Lacan and Foucault. A polymathic scholar whose work defies disciplinary classification, he threaded together a diverse range of intellectual accomplishments to give a multi-layered account of the history of psychoanalysis, including an influential book on the role of women in Freud’s work and legacy, co-written with Lisa Appignanesi. His later work concentrated particularly on the case-study as a genre of reasoning, a concern reflected in his Polity book Thinking in Cases.