15 May

John Urry

Posted By Politybooks

John Urry was one of the greatest sociologists of his generation, melding acute theoretical insight with a rigorous attention to empirical detail. A long-standing professor at the University of Lancaster, Urry demonstrated an astonishingly polymathic range and a constant spirit of innovation, qualities which resulted in his pioneering entirely new fields, such as mobilities and tourism studies, as well as examining cutting-edge topics such as offshore tax havens, 3D printing and the future of the car. He moved rapidly on from his early work on urban sociology and regionalism to an increasing interest in his later work on how sociological insights can help us to understand climate change and the unfolding of the future. He published many books with Polity, including Mobilities, Climate Change and Society and Offshoring. His latest book What is the Future? is sadly his last due to his sudden and tragic death in March 2016.