17 Aug

Linda Martín Alcoff

Posted By Politybooks

Linda Martín Alcoff is among the world’s leading scholars of the philosophy of race and gender. Currently Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, and Visiting Research Professor at Australian Catholic University, in her early work, influenced by Foucault and Gadamer, she sought to integrate feminist theory with epistemology, arguing for a perspective centred on an acknowledgement of the political nature of knowledge production. She went on to extend this perspective into a unified theory of social identity which emphasized the political importance and vitality of historically formed identities such as gender and race. She has also sought to examine the implications of the gradual process whereby white people are themselves becoming a ‘minority’ and ‘white identity’ is ceasing to be the unchallenged and hegemonic cultural and political default. This theme was at the heart of her Polity book The Future of Whiteness. Her most recent book with Polity is Rape and Resistance.