15 May

Martin Heidegger

Posted By Politybooks

Martin Heidegger ranks among the most original and controversial German philosophers of the twentieth century. The heir to Husserl’s development of phenomenology and a key figure in the existentialist movement, his magnum opus Being and Time challenged our entire understanding of ontology and the history of western philosophy, proving a major influence on figures such as Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Derrida, Gadamer and Sloterdijk. More recently, the discovery of his notorious Black Notebooks and an increased focus on his Nazi sympathies have complicated his legacy and raised questions of whether his political views poison his entire philosophical viewpoint. In addition to publishing his Letters to His Wife: 1915-1970, Polity is publishing several important works on Heidegger, including Peter Sloterdijk’s Not Saved: Essays After Heidegger and Donatella Di Cesare’s Heidegger and the Jews: “The Black Notebooks”.