17 Aug

Nancy Fraser

Posted By Politybooks

Nancy Fraser’s trenchant and theoretically sophisticated writings have marked her out as a leading voice in contemporary feminism and critical theory. Currently Henry A. & Louise Loeb Professor of Political & Social Science at the New School for Social Research, she has sought to keep issues of social justice to the forefront of feminist and political theory. Her theory of justice, anchored by its emphasis on redistribution and recognition, and later also political representation, has gained particular attention, underpinning as it does her critique of identity politics, which, she argues, has allowed an emphasis on equal recognition to eclipse the importance of addressing problems of unequal distribution. In recent years, her attack on liberal feminism for becoming a tame ‘handmaiden of capitalism’ has also been influential. She has published some of her most important works with Polity, including Unruly Practices, Scales of Justice and Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory (with Rahel Jaeggi).