15 May

Paul Veyne

Posted By Politybooks

Paul Veyne is one of the leading historians of antiquity of his generation. For many years he held the Chair in Roman History at the College de France, where is now an honorary professor. He is best known for his great book Bread and Circuses, a detailed study of the public generosity of private individuals in the Ancient world. He also wrote seminal works on the political practices of the Roman Empire, the conversion of the Roman emperor Constantine to Christianity, and the rise of Christianity in Europe. His outstanding historical insight and interpretative flair, which was profoundly influenced by his association with Michel Foucault, has won him numerous prizes and accolades, and helped to change fundamentally the way we understand the religious and political institutions of Europe between the classical and medieval eras. Polity has published a number of important works by Veyne, including When Our World Became Christian: 312-394 and Foucault: His Thought, His Character.