17 Aug

Raewyn Connell

Posted By Politybooks

Raewyn Connell is an Australian sociologist who is among the world’s leading theorists of gender, masculinity and power. Currently Professor Emerita at the University of Sydney, her long career saw her occupy posts at universities including Macquarie University and the University of California at Santa Cruz. After important early work on class and gender, she developed perhaps her best-known insights in her work on masculinity, and particularly her theory of ‘hegemonic masculinity’, which has become an important framework for understanding how patriarchal structures are socially produced and reproduced. Other recent work has critiqued the Northern bias of the global social sciences, and examined gender dynamics in a global and comparative perspective. Her research has typically combined biographical interviews, survey research and historical work with rigorous theorization. She has published many important works with Polity, including Gender and Power, Southern Theory, Confronting Equality and Gender: In World Perspective.